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How to find your dream job in 2022 – Career Horoscope 2022

The tech tycoon had rightly said that you have got to love what you do to really make a difference. But landing a dream job is a challenge in itself. With many key cosmic changes down the road, this could be the period for you to find work that you like but you need to be prepared for the roadblocks that could keep you away from your dream job.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs

The Astrology-backed tips below would help you find your dream job based on 2022 predictions.

Aries in 2022: Aries, it’s time to get serious about career. Otherwise, you may miss out on some good opportunities this year. When making career choices, think beyond your own good. It would be nice to consider interests of everyone involved. You are likely to get desired job in private sector that would suit your interests. However, you should be a bit more ambitious to chase it.

Taurus in 2022: Taurus, the period until 11th October 2022 looks quite promising as you would get desired opportunities to progress. However, the period thereafter looks gloomy when it comes to career progress. You may not feel much satisfied despite getting good options. Saturn would continue to pose hurdles and challenges during job hunt that might restrict progress to some extent. You would have to cope up with a stressful work environment this year but if you pass this period gracefully, the year ahead may bring favorable job prospects.

Gemini in 2022: You should make serious efforts in pursuit of your dream job during the period after 11th October as Jupiter transit in Scorpio is favorable for you in career matters. You have a good knowledge but what you say should reflect your wisdom too so you can impress the bosses. It’s time to show what you know. If your job hunt strategy does not seem to work, you could consider employment consultancies.

Cancer in 2022: Cancer, the period until 11th October 2022 when Jupiter is in Libra, is quite favorable to get your dream job, precisely between 2nd May and 6th November 2022. You may get some exciting job offers during this period. However, keep your anger in control or you may spoil the upcoming prospects. It is time to show your micro-level observation and attention to detail. Your logical ability and analysis would help attract employers. Surgeons would particularly receive enticing offers.

Leo in 2022: Leo, you might land your dream job between 20th April to 14th May 2022. Make sure that you highlight your creative abilities as your sense of innovation and creativity is likely to fetch you good offers. You may also benefit from your public dealing skills. Moreover, keep that smile plastered on and maintain your passion towards what you do.

Virgo in 2022: Virgo, you are likely to get desired job between 10th June to 25th June 2022. However, this year is more promising for business endeavors that job prospects. You could even start your own business this year, though with some hurdles. At the same time, take care of your health so you can make the most of the career opportunities that are imminent. Also, don’t be afraid to be a little flexible when it comes to negotiating work terms.

Libra in 2022: Libra, you may not get to work in your desired field or position. Nonetheless, your current job would become more fulfilling towards the end of the year after 11th October 2022. You do however need to control your aggressive instincts and maintain a calm temperament and outlook. Otherwise, you could also lose the job. Be as sincere, hard working, and attentive to your seniors as well as opposition to pass this year smoothly.

Scorpio in 2022: Scorpio, you might get the desired government job you were looking for, especially during the period from 16th August to 17th September 2022. Nonetheless, don’t settle for terms you see as unethical nor compromise on your dignity. Just keep spreading your charm like you do. Be more expressive when it comes to voicing your opinions.

Sagittarius in 2022: Sagittarius, the period between 19th September to 6th October 2022 is highly promising when it comes to landing a job you always dreamt of. However, your business sense is even wonderful this year and you could think of starting up! Keep note that whether you choose to pursue a job or business, hurdles are expected when it comes to sustaining it. Things may get tough at the workplace but you could use your wisdom and expression to avoid any damage. Also, use your analytical ability to your advantage.

Capricorn in 2022: Capricorn, this year you are likely to get your dream job in a creative field during the month of September, especially if you wanted to work in fashion industry. Banking sector may also suit you this year. You seem to have an aesthetic sense & strong intellect, which could get you closer to your dream job. Your power to persuade would also help excel in career.

Aquarius in 2022: There is good chance of acquiring the job of your choice in the initial few months, from 17th Jan to 7th March 2022. However, when it comes to career progress, the period after after 11th October 2022 looks more favorable. You would have the ability to deal with colleagues with wisdom. Also, your passion for the work you do would also help you do well. Let your dynamic personality shine out. This would really help you attract more offers. Maintain your energy and enthusiasm.

Pisces in 2022: Pisces, your dream job may remain a dream this year. Nonetheless, the period after 11th October is promising in terms of professional development. You might get some good offers thereafter, nonetheless, not at par with your expectations. It is possible that you may not get the desired salary hike. While you want more growth in career, you should also work towards maintaining your drive and sense of ambition.

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