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Is Shani Sade Sati something to be afraid of?

We all go through a challenging phase when life feels difficult and your efforts do not seem to bring desired rewards, no matter how hard you try. Such phases often correlate with or occur during Sade Sati, the much feared seven and a half year period when Saturn is most active and obstructs the good results of other benefics. But is Sade Sati always bad? And if we should really fear it? Well, the answer is no and yes. Sade Sati is not always bad because its effects depend a lot on how your natal Saturn is placed, the sector of your horoscope where transit Saturn is moving and if you are running its Mahadasha or not. Still, you should fear Sade Sati, just as you fear police or a teacher. During Sade Sati, you should respect the challenges imposed by Saturn, because it wants you to grow beyond the “ifs and buts”, just as a teacher tests your knowledge for you to grow.

Is the whole Sade Sati period difficult?

Saturn Sade Sati begins when transit Saturn moves into the 12th house from your natal Moon where it remains for 2.5 years. Later, it moves over your natal Moon in the second phase of 2.5 years and lastly, the third phase into the 2nd house from Moon. Saturn and Moon are enemy planets and since Moon is the planet that governs your temperament and emotional makeup more closely than any other cosmic body, Saturn’s Sade Sati affects you the most when it is moving over your natal Moon in the second phase. Nothing is more discouraging in life than absence of peace, which is a common theme during the second phase of Sade Sati. And since first house represents your health and physical wellbeing too, the second phase is considered to be the most challenging. This means that results of Sade Sati would be a lot moderate and less apparent during the first and third phases so Sade Sati is not bad throughout.

Is Sade Sati bad for everyone?

While every native would experience challenges during Sade Sati, the degree and frequency of these challenges varies due to many factors. If Saturn is exalted or in own sign in natal chart, meaning it’s well placed in your horoscope, the malefic effects of Shani Sade Sati would get reduced. And when Saturn forms “Mahapurusha yoga” being placed in Kendra in exalted or own sign, then again it would not produce highly malefic influence during Sade Sati. Also, Saturn is the Yogakaraka planet for Taurus and Libra ascendant so natives with these rising signs would experience moderate effects of Sade Sati. Results of Saturn Sade Sati aggravate mostly in cases when the native is also running Mahadasa of Saturn and it is not well placed in the chart.

How to peacefully get through Sade Sati

There is a lot you can do to pacify the effects of Sade Sati like reciting Shani Chalisa or chanting the Beej Mantra of Saturn for 108 times every day during Sade Sati. However, the first step to having a peaceful Sade Sati is to understand what Saturn wants from you.

Saturn is the taskmaster that signifies discipline, justice, limitations, and restrictions. Think of Saturn like a cosmic judge. If you keep your actions right, you will be rewarded but if you break the rules, you are punished. So with Saturn, it is very important to maintain good karma. Saturn wants you to teach you the value of discipline and patience so naturally, there are no short-cuts to success, especially during Sade Sati. The period of Sade Sati is like exams, you just can’t go unprepared because you would get the results of your past efforts & preparation. The only thing that can help you score well with Saturn is hard work. As long as you work hard within the limitations imposed by Saturn, this period would be rewarding. Saturn may delay success but it never denies success.