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How would be my love life? Your Venus Sign helps decode it

We all know our Sun sign but is it logical to define our whole existence based on where one planet is placed and disregard other key cosmic placements? It would make little sense to make predictions only on the basis of one – Sun Sign. Especially when it comes to the matters of heart. Venus occupies a much important role than Sun. Venus governs all that your heart desires! Love, money, romance, luxuries, beauty and what not. While Venus is about pleasure – the pleasure that is shared with someone.

The sign where Venus is placed in your horoscope is called your Venus sign, or more commonly your Love sign. Venus sign is looked upon to see how you respond in relationships, what your outlook towards love is and what you define as pleasure. Do you enjoy the chase in love (Venus in Aries) or you need emotional security (Venus in Cancer)? Or do you view relationship as a team sport (Venus in Libra) or if you want to take the lead (Venus in Leo)? Understanding your Venus sign gives clues to understanding your love life.

Venus in Aries: Natives with Venus in Aries thrive in competition. They enjoy the chase and the conquest. If your Venus sign is Aries, you should be with someone who is as playful, childlike and energetic as you are. You don’t like people who beat around the bush or play love games. Venus in Aries generally want someone straightforward and enjoy taking the lead in the relationship.

Venus in Taurus: If you have Venus in Taurus, you will thrive with a partner who makes you feel comfortable and is a bit predictable. You should never be with someone impatient or who keeps you in high-energy situations. If you find someone who gives you a cozy time and appreciates your loyalty and steadiness, don’t let them go.

Venus in Gemini: you want the quality of lightheartedness in love. Your should be with someone who can meet your need for variety, meaning who can stimulate you intellectually while giving you ample space to indulge in your social circle and hobbies. You cannot survive a relationship with someone who is overly serious and possessive.

Venus in Cancer: With Venus in sensitive sign of Cancer, all you need is some love, care and security. You should always look for someone who is dependable and loyal. You get attached too easily so no friends-with-benefits or no-strings-attached affairs for you. Someone too practical would not be a suitable partner as you need a LOT of snuggling and sentimentality to feel secure and confident in love.

Venus in Leo: Venus in Leo is an intense combination. You ‘cats’ need constant purring and romantic attention. You would thrive with someone who is as generous and romantic as you, someone who enjoys chasing and courting as much as you do. With this placement, you need a partner who compliments a lot and doesn’t mind giving you the spotlight. You will never gel with someone who is dominating.

Venus in Virgo: Having Venus in Virgo, you do not indulge in grand dating rituals and gift exchange but what you give in the relationship is far better – the gift of complete devotion and attention. But in return, you look for someone who is dependable and loyal, someone who can take criticism constructively. If you have Venus in Virgo, don’t settle for less!

Venus in Libra: If you have Venus in Libra, you can surprise your lover with how much you can adjust and compromise to be with them. Taking you for granted is a sure shot way to lose you. Relationship with Venus in Libra must involve give and take. You need someone who is kind and fair.

Venus in Scorpio: Relationship with Venus in Scorpio is full of deep commitment and boundless intimacy. Having Scorpio as your Moon sign, you give full attention to your partner, but you can’t be with someone carefree and casual. Emotions run deep and you need someone who you can have blind faith in and get involved fully.

Venus in Sagittarius: Being in love with a Venus in Sagittarius can be a life-changing and exhilarating experience, full of adventure. However, it comes with a price. Having Venus in Sagittarius, you tend to stay away from commitment and the emotional responsibilities that come with it. You should be with someone who offers you a lot of time to understand your equation as well as can offer you the space and freedom to be on your own when you want to.

Venus in Capricorn: Venus in Capricorn is a dependable, faithful and devoted lover. You may not shower your lover with compliments and petty gifts but definitely offer security, especially financial and material. Having Venus in Capricorn, you are reserved & practical. You rarely feel good being with someone who needs constant emotional involvement & stimulation. As a Venus in Capricorn, you are a career-oriented person who has realistic expectations.

Venus in Aquarius: If you have Venus in Aquarius, you do best in relationships that are unique and unconventional. You should not indulge in a love affair with someone who has a rigid and fixated outlook towards life nor should you get attached to someone who is sentimental and needs a lot of pampering and time in love.

Venus in Pisces: Native with Venus in Pisces can offer unconditional love, where human concepts of boundaries and difference blur. Your love is of romantic and dreamy kind. You are so accommodating that you hardly find anything wrong with someone. This quality makes you a perfect lover but you also set the same expectations which makes you vulnerable to heartbreak because world is not as kind as you see. You are often misunderstood as weak. You should look for a partner who sees your willingness to compromise in love as strength, someone who understands that you also have limits that shall not be crossed.

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