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Horoscope Matching for Marriage

Horoscope matching has a key role to play before a boy and Girl get into a marriage relationship. So, when someone thinks about to get marriage, it is necessary to match the kundali of both partners. In Hindu religion, especially in India, horoscope matching is the most reliable method of choosing the right partners for marriage.

If we look through Vedic astrology perspective, horoscope matching involves 8 set of rules and in Hindi, we called it as “Asht Koot Guna Matching “ This 8 set of rules guides us how many points one get out of 36. At least 18 points should match before marriage. By match making, we are able to know about the compatibility between the partners. The stars of one partner affect the other that is why kundali matching can act as a solution for the partners. Our excellent astrologers will give a couple of advice on how to bypass or dilute the negative impact of the stars when they crop up.

Followings are 8 set major aspects of horoscope matching that should be considered for horoscope matching for marriage.

Factor Assessed
Covers us Points
Work – This merely matches ego and the domination part between partners. This is basically how both can adjust with each other.
Harmony, loyalty – This covers up attachment and attractions part for both.
Tara or Dina
Fortune – This represents auspiciousness of marriage and for calculating this Nakshatras (Asterism) are involved.
Understanding, sexual compatibility – This covers up sex instincts for both.
Graha Maitri
Cooperation, interests – This covers up friendliness among each other.
Temperament – This basically covers up temperament and patience among each other.
Happiness, mindset – This basically cover up suffering and financial problems
Stability, health, progeny – This covers up health and child prospects

Apart from that Manglik dosha and placement of 7th house has to be looked for horoscope matching. This report will cover all these significations.

Horoscope matching reports will indicate whether personalities are compatible or not. If there is compatibility between the partners, it would be beneficial for both in every aspect of life.