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Relationship Personality based on Zodiac Signs

Bad Zodiac Sign relationship is like an addiction, you want to get rid of it, but can’t imagine a future without it and don’t know how to quit. To avoid such bitter experiences, each zodiac sign can make some permanent changes in themselves. How you behave in a relationship is governed by the planetary alignment in your chart and to a great extent, where Moon is placed which governs your emotions and temperament.we have some practical tips to keep your relationship immune to troubles.

Aries Relationship: Aries, you can be impatient and aggressive with your lover, without even realizing. While your anger doesn’t last, the damage does. It might be a good idea to throw ego out of the window and learn to compromise. This tip will make your relationship go a long way.

Taurus Relationship: Taurus, dating someone is one thing, living together is quite another. It takes a lot of sacrifice and adjustments to live with someone under one roof. Don’t be too stubborn. Don’t be afraid to make changes if you have to.

Gemini Relationship: Gemini, when it comes to relationships, there’s no running away from decisions. Being double-minded is not a great virtue. Be decisive! When you feel for someone, say it. When there is time to let go, let go. Cultivate perseverance and consistency so that others can rely on you.

Cancer Relationship: Cancer, you have the tendency to give your hundred percent in a relationship and you expect the same level of commitment in return. And when these expectations are not met, the series of silent treatment, solo cries, and mood swings begin. That’s when things go wrong for you. If you want something to be fixed, express your concern explicitly. Don’t feel insecure or be over-sensitive. Easier said than done, but it will help you a lot in retaining individual growth while in the relationship.

Leo Relationship: Leo, it’s okay to take the lead in a relationship, this is your inherent tendency but don’t become too dominating, so much that your partner starts feeling like a doormat. As if their opinions don’t matter. Focus more on “we” than “me”. This will take your relationship far.

Virgo Relationship: Virgo, you are a perfectionist, someone who pays attention to minute details, observes a lot but this also means that you tend to find faults too easily. Sometimes, your critiques and observations can be hurtful. You should know when to interfere and when to step back. Over-analyzing relationships takes you nowhere. So be more accommodating and open-minded.

Libra Relationship: Libra, your need for a balanced relationship is strong, but being indolent and indecisive often disrupts the harmony for you. Take your stance, do not over rely on your partner, let your individual opinion grow and flourish while in a relationship. Use your people skills in the domestic sector as well.

Scorpio Relationship: Your love is addictive, loyal, passionate and somewhat intense. But, you can be vindictive, jealous and possessive if wronged. These feelings are natural but at times, you need to understand that people mess up, and it’s not a good idea to ruin a beautiful relationship just for one silly mistake. Learn to forgive and forget. Read More relationship tips for Scorpio sign

Sagittarius Relationship: Sagittarius, you are a package to have. Relationship with you is full of laughter, enjoyment and learning. But you fail to bring commitment to it. If you promise, make sure to keep it. It’s okay to be playful and fun, but you can be brutally honest in your comments, which can be hurtful. Thankfully, you have a sense of humor to cover it up.

Capricorn Relationship: Capricorn, work is your first love and we respect that. But don’t let it interfere with your personal life. Relationships need time to flourish and get strengthened. It’s not enough to just be financially there, you also need to be emotionally available.

Aquarius Relationship: Aquarius, you have a tendency to question everything. You just don’t understand why certain things are done in a certain way and you want this to change. But this rebellious tendency doesn’t always work in relationships. Sometimes, you should be open to accept conventional practices, be it impressing your love with a bouquet or spending the weekend at home than on an adventurous trip.

Pisces Relationship: Pisces, you tend to ignore the reality that’s right in front of you. Sometimes, you need to tackle the matters than escape. Otherwise, minor issues can shape into relationship spoilers.