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Aries Gemini compatibility

Aries Gemini compatibility: Burning Fire under a Cool Breeze!

This love match gives a positive impression where both the partners share good compatibility at various levels & actively participate to make this relationship work. While Aries can become overly attached & possessive about their partner, Gemini tends to value freedom in a relationship. In spite of the minor differences, both the signs appreciate great communication & have a thirst for adventure. Aries has a constant passion burning for their partner, whereas Gemini is like a cool breeze that will allow this fire to burn freely without trying to hush it.

ARIES & GEMINI Love Compatibility: 6/10

Love compatibility is a tricky part for this match. Aries is highly passionate, yet unable to express thoughts clearly. Gemini, on the contrary, is not very emotional but can easily communicate their thoughts. Hence, this is a match of the opposites. What makes them click is the persistence of Aries to catch Gemini’s attention & make an interaction. This often leads to a healthy communication & good exchange of emotions.

ARIES & GEMINI Trust Compatibility: 4/10

Aries, ruled by Mars, can get very jealous. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is a trickster with many faces. Gemini tends to show variable personalities without even being aware of it & this can bring a sense of distrust in Aries. Trust between these two is often the weakness that can lead Aries astray looking for a more faithful partner, while Gemini being less emotional, can become very indifferent, & stop caring about this relationship.

ARIES & GEMINI  Communication Compatibility: 8.5/10

Communication is the biggest weakness of Aries & Gemini is born to interact & make an impression. Though the conversations in this match are less on quantity, the quality of communications is definitely high! A Gemini Women loves to act as a teacher for her partner, while a Gemini Man will simply show off his knowledge. For Aries Man, being taught by a friend is acceptable & Aries Women can let her partner boast for a while. These mutual exchanges are usually suitable but only as long as the mighty ego of Aries does not kick in & make things go haywire.

ARIES & GEMINI  Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9/10

Sexual compatibility for these two signs is immense, as this is a combination of the fiercely passionate Aries & the ever-playful Gemini. One looks to ignite a fire of greatest proportions while the other seeks new ideas for doing so. The physical interaction can get too aggressive in terms of action & words. It is not well conceived by others & can only be understood by the two partners. Since none of two care about what others say, this match fits in perfectly.

ARIES & GEMINI  Mental compatibility: 7.5/10

Aries prefers a direct & precise communication while Gemini likes to talk about everything. This can create certain differences in the way each sign conceives their partner’s words. However, both signs value knowledge. They like to gain & spread information & their talks are mostly about exchange of valuable information. This results in a compatible exchange of words and a good match at mental level.

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