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Aries Sagittarius Compatibility

This love match holds a lot of potential & can easily become one of the smoothest pairs in the zodiac. Once together, they will fight the world to maintain their relation. And since both Aries & Sagittarius pay no heed to what others think, they are bound to have a comfortable & strong relationship. The areas of improvement though, would definitely be being truthful to their partner & accepting each other’s philosophical differences.

ARIES & SAGITTARIUS Love Compatibility: 9/10

The love quotient remains high for this match. Highly compatible at heart, both Aries & Sagittarius are warm signs who openly show their feelings. Though emotions remain low, this is not to be confused with the passion & comfort they share for each other. They will respect their partner’s feelings but while Aries can sometimes be over-possessive towards their partner, Sagittarius can lack the dire attachment towards their partner. This can sometimes create differences.

Trust Compatibility: 7/10

While Aries & Sagittarius understand each other too well, trust compatibility can still suffer at times, due to the ever-changing nature of Sagittarius. Usually, the two signs don’t even have to talk much to know their partner’s feelings & to tell if the partner is lying. However, Sagittarius likes to experiment in relationships. While Aries greatly values a relationship, Sagittarius might still not be sure & are prone to cheating. As such, trust issues become common in this match.

Communication Compatibility: 9/10

On communication grounds, this love match has strong foundations. Aries & Sagittarius can become the best of friends & remain so for a very long time. Their conversations are often inspirational & motivating. Aries brings initiative & willingness, while Sagittarius puts faith & vision in this relationship. Though they can share a good exchange of thoughts, when the two are convinced on opposing thoughts, all hell breaks loose! They will fight whenever & wherever possible until the other is convinced. And though none of them lacks conviction, they both resist to be convinced otherwise.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9.5/10

Aries & Sagittarius make for a hilarious sexual match! Where Aries has a serious mindset about sexual experiences, Sagittarius, on the other hand, is all about fun & new ideas. The seriousness in Aries compels the funny side of Sagittarius to bounce up & crack a joke! This usually results in a fun-filled experience where Aries can come out of the closed box & experience life pleasures. But as is likely, Aries can at times, lose patience to such attitude & things can take an ugly turn.

Mental compatibility: 7/10

Honesty & honor are the values that are greatly cherished by both signs. This results in mutual respect by the two partners. But while Aries man likes to be concise, Sagittarius woman can talk about everything else that surrounds the topic for ages! An Aries woman prefers putting things to the point, while Sagittarius Man can give indirect hints & play the guessing game with his partner. Though the two understand each other, it is sometimes hard for both to put up with these personality differences.

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