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Sagittarius Aquarius Compatibility

Sagittarius Aquarius compatibility: Wild Fire under a Tornado!

Sagittarius is ruled by the symbol of luck and Philosophy, Jupiter while the creative planets Uranus and Saturn symbolize Aquarius. Jupiter’s positive energy and Uranus’ impressive ideas make this love match highly compatible & capable of great accomplishments. Both the signs are optimistic, forward thinking and idealistic, and share a good compatibility with each other. Their energies are immense & unmatched, making this relationship a crazy love ride! The mutual understanding is almost perfect here & marriage prospects are bright & adventurous.

SAGITTARIUS & AQUARIUS Love Compatibility: 8.5/10

This match is often a result of love at first sight. Both, Sagittarius & Aquarius think in the same way that creates sparks for a long-term relationship. The chemistry between these signs is amazing. For an onlooker, this is a perfect love match made in heaven. The fire in a Sagittarius & the wind element of Aquarius make up for such a love compatibility that they can rarely & barely be seen apart from each other. The two may often collide head to head like enemies, but eventually merge into a single soul.

Trust Compatibility: 6/10

Aquarius seeks loyalty, honesty, and the truth in a relation, while Sags are highly prone to infidelity. Both signs have typical quirkiness & at one point, begin questioning their commitment to each other. While an Aquarius Man can fail to understand his partner’s priority, Aquarius woman can even act indifferent when her partner holds a difference of opinion. For Sagittarius Man, clearing out of differences is very important & for a Sagittarius woman, being heard out is critical. This could lead to arguments and trust issues. Waving off the misunderstandings and respecting each other’s needs can make their relation more trust worthy and improve overall compatibility.

Communication Compatibility: 9/10

Sagittarius is a child at heart – the need to be pampered, tries to seek attention & talking excessively about even unnecessary topics. Aquarius on the other hand, can remain isolated for ages. But when they finally meet, their communication and thoughts form an innovative, intellectual and an incredible match. They can freely talk about their passion and interests and both try hard to work on that subject. This mutual admiration makes this zodiac combination the most productive one.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 8/10

Aquarius & Sagittarius are both sexual signs, yet make a pair, where one thinks, and the other acts. Both signs love to experiment new things, which surely adds spark and satisfaction to their sexual life. Sagittarius can easily turn their focus away from intimacy, but for Aquarius, a stable sexual bond is linked to a better emotional compatibility. Both signs actively & aggressively indulge in the act, yet their emphasis may lie on different grounds, which can sometimes, lead to friction in opinions.

Mental compatibility: 8/10

Sagittarius brings excellence & Aquarius adds creative capability to the love match. Wind helps the fire to spread more. Together, they experiment & often produce futuristic things. They both value their individuality and independent identities, despite being dependent on each other. In a relationship, they not only understand each other well, but soon begin to complete each other’s sentences. They know what their partner needs, and can even guess the partner’s unpredictability, at times! They make for the best of friends & their partner’s biggest critic, depending on the need of the hour.

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