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Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius are two signs, which usually don’t attract each other. Being ruled by Moon & Jupiter respectively, they have a low compatibility on so many levels that their love match is not likely to survive for very long. Though Cancer can try to awaken the emotions of Sagittarius & Sagittarius can reciprocate by helping their partner broaden their outlook towards life, they can barely stand each other’s presence, and struggling to wait for the golden spot is just not possible.

CANCER & SAGITTARIUS Love Compatibility: 1/10

These two signs move and think at a different pace altogether. While Cancer would take their time to grow emotionally in a relationship, Sagittarius can fall in love way too quickly. Also, once in love, Cancer would be deeply committed & seeking long term goals in a relationship. But Sagittarius would soon get bored, & the idea of a long term relationship never crosses their mind. So when Sagittarius is in love, Cancer is still gaining surety, & by the time Cancer decides to commit fully, Sagittarius has already decided to move onto someone else.

Trust Compatibility: 1/10

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, & is always on the lookout for a better & a different partner. While a Sagittarius Man likes to experiment with everyone around, a Cancer woman would expect all the attention from her man. For a Sagittarius woman, flirting is a friendly gesture, but a Cancer Man wouldn’t be comfortable with such acts. Thus, trust is a huge issue for these two & compatibility almost does not exist.

Communication Compatibility: 6/10

Knowledge is what interests both the signs equally. While Cancer dwells into an emotional aspect, Sagittarius is an epitome of philosophy & other worldly knowledge. They might connect over various conversations about new topics, but emotional & philosophical realms are generally not talked about. As one can never understand how the other can give so much importance to something that just does not exist their own respective worlds.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 4/10

The only possibility for Sagittarius to get sexually involved with a Cancer native is if they were experimenting over self-enforcement. These signs have sexual expectations under entirely different scenarios. For Cancer, intimacy is all about emotions, & for Sagittarius, this is a game of bodies where they just want to experiment with new ideas & have fun. Both the partners will have to force themselves to get sexually involved with each other, as their instincts would desperately pull them apart.

Mental compatibility: 4.5/10

Different interests, different priorities & different thought processes- yet a mediocre mental compatibility. How you ask? There are certain values that are more important to both Sagittarius as well as Cancer that make them who they are. Compassion & kindness drive their entire lives. They would go to extremes to help someone, and would expect nothing more than a ‘thank you’ in return. They are noble signs & usually very kind people that could experience true magic if they could make it together, but if only!

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