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Sagittarius Pisces Compatibility

Sagittarius Pisces compatibility: The Drifting Partners!

Sagittarius & Pisces love match is highlighted by the factors that ensure that this relationship is not for eternity. Though they share good compatibility levels in various areas, their natures are just not meant to be. Firstly, both signs have changeable natures, which bring in a tendency to frequently & suddenly move away from their current positions in life. Secondly, Pisces is a sad creature, while Sagittarius tries to keep all negativity away in every possible way, even if it hurts them to death! Thus, to stay together, these two signs would have to live all their lives together in a dream.

SAGITTARIUS & PISCES Love Compatibility: 3/10

Sagittarius prefers to bring in emotional stability in a relationship, not as much as love specifically. Pisces on the other hand, seeks emotional dependency, a partner on whom Pisces can rely for getting enough love & care. While Sagittarius can respect Pisces’ feelings & allow freedom, showering them with unconditional love is not a Sagittarius’ expertise. The two exist on different emotional levels within a relationship, & the connecting steps are missing. Thus, love compatibility remains low.

Trust Compatibility: 0.5/10

Trust does not exist in this love match. How can it when the match is between two mutable signs where one is not ready for commitment, & the other is only trying to figure a way to move out? Sagittarius will continue to find a better partner throughout their lives & will openly express this. Pisces, feeling lost & left behind in such a relation, would try to follow in Sagittarius’ footsteps due to lack of direction, but this will bring them face to face with experiences they are not ready for, making them feel sadder about themselves. Things can only get bad with such low trust compatibility levels.

Communication Compatibility: 8.5/10

Pisces & Sagittarius are both highly delusional. Leaving out the physical or emotional aspects, they are quite similar on a mental level & can understand each other well. Striking a long interesting conversation is not hard for them. Pisces would explain their fantasies, while Sagittarius can talk about their unrealistic dreams & aspirations. They mutually inspire & give hope to each other, another illusion of being similar that pulls them together in a relationship.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 3/10

With their changeable natures at work, a sexual relationship between Pisces & Sagittarius is expected to be an exciting affair, but is not. Sagittarius Man expects to experiment in bed. For them, intimacy is all about liberation of energies & self-satisfaction. Pisces on the other hand, seeks emotional bonding, which makes them feel secure. Either partner can never fulfill the expectations & satisfaction levels remain very low. Sexual compatibility greatly suffers for these two signs.

Mental compatibility: 6.5/10

The main difference in the mentalities of these two signs is the value given to emotions. Pisces longs for an emotional connect. Their whole lives revolve around finding the right partner with whom they share their massively overflowing feelings. Sagittarius on the contrary, considers emotions as a bundle that slows them down. Emotions bind their freedom & thus, they tend to keep themselves devoid of any emotions. Yet their mutable natures make them symmetrical in shifting shapes & roles in life. They both want to change to become more adaptable to conditions. This aspect makes them connect on an intellectual level, though they both understand this connection is not enough for a long-term association.

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