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Leo Sagittarius Compatibility

LEO & SAGITTARIUS compatibility: Love on High Grounds!

Leo and Sagittarius make for a high compatibility love match. Both signs share a passionate bond, love is in abundance & understanding on most levels appears to be good. Despite all the shiny moments in this relationship, this one is bound to fail, all due to the moving & changing nature of Sagittarius. Leo being a fixed sign, will ultimately lead Sagittarius into thinking about change & push them out of this love match.

LEO & SAGITTARIUS Love Compatibility: 8/10

As two Fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius can be highly passionate about showering their partner with love. This is usually good until love starts to smother one of the partners. They tend to dive head first, making for a high love compatibility & without realizing that giving your partner some space is equally important in a relationship. Thus, if they don’t slow down, then one of the partners would turn away & seek for someone who would value their partner’s space & privacy in a relation.

Trust Compatibility: 8/10

Initial sparks lead to high levels of trust in this love match. While Sagittarius readily accepts Leo’s nature to show off, Leo also understands how Sagittarius loves to flirt with everyone around without any serious intentions. But once the love begins to fade away, trust issues crawl in. The two partners tend to show distrust as a shield to guard their own disinterest in their partner, & use it as the ultimate tool to move away from this relationship.

Communication Compatibility: 8.5/10

Leo and Sagittarius are great talkers. Their communication skills can often make others jealous. While Leo thinks rationally, Sagittarius is a born philosopher. Leo likes to talk about themselves & their skills, while Sagittarius seeks self-growth & evolution at a spiritual level. Thus, the two can talk for hours about themselves even if they don’t have any common interests. This makes for a high communication compatibility.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9.5/10

A sexual relationship between Sagittarius & Leo is a liberating experience for the two souls. While Leo brings in the passion to act, Sagittarius brings in the fire to experiment with new positions & ideas. The two attain a new level of satisfaction that neither partner would have expected beforehand. This makes for a highly passionate & compatible sexual bond.

Mental compatibility: 6.5/10

On a mental level, Leo & Sagittarius value the same things but from entirely different perspectives. Courage excites them equally, yet Leo wants to act as a hero & prove their worth to others, while Sagittarius would find a way to escape the same people & finds courage in living a peaceful life even if it means leaving everything behind. These two approaches are not easily understandable for the other partner, leaving the mental compatibility hanging at a mediocre level.

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