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Virgo Sagittarius Compatibility

Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility: ‘Not A Happy Story!’

Virgo & Sagittarius love match is not the regular love story! With too many challenges on board, this journey tends to be full of difficulties due to lack of compatibility at various levels. The different personalities of the two signs leave little scope for understanding each other, followed by their separate approaches towards life that make them truly incompatible for each other.

VIRGO & SAGITTARIUS Love Compatibility: 1/10

Virgo is a logical sign & Sagittarius is an experimental soul. Both lack the ability to connect emotionally with their partners too soon. While Virgo will usually take a lot of time to do so, Sagittarius would wait for a day or two before deciding they need someone to fulfill their needs. Love compatibility is never given the time or space to develop & eventual results are negative for their relationship.

Trust Compatibility: 0.5/10

Trust is mostly absent in this relation & for obvious reasons. Virgo being the rationale tries to be in a relation that brings stability. Sagittarius needs to be with someone who can add spice to his or her lives & defy logic at every step. Both the partners find themselves trapped in this relationship, feeling, & acting to move away as soon as possible. The acts are evident & thus, trust can never truly develop. Both partners are always filled with doubt until eventually, they confront the truth.

Communication Compatibility: 6.5/10

Communication compatibility is mediocre for this love match. In fact, their ability to talk with each other is what can bring them together. Virgo can at times, astound Sagittarius with their firm logic & conviction over a matter, while Sagittarius would happily listen to the tale without actually paying much attention. Sooner than later, Sagittarius would act exactly opposite to the logics of Virgo, much to their amusement & thoroughly enjoy the shock on Virgo’s face. Though the two can listen & converse well, the conflicts in conviction lead to irritation & ultimately frustration.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 3/10

Virgo lacks passion as well the emotional push needed for satisfaction in sexual relations. Sagittarius wants a partner who is willing to experiment & have fun in bed, while Virgo seeks a logical approach to reproduce & finish the act for good riddance. A sexual relation between the two is usually a messy situation & intimacy compatibility is very low.

Mental compatibility: 5/10

Virgo and Sagittarius strangely share similar values on a mental level. Virgo seeks the logical truth of life while Sagittarius is a philosophical soul trying to find the truth of their existence. Though they live life on their own terms, their outlook is completely different. Virgo takes the logical path, & Sagittarius moves against logic at every turn in their lives. Some common interests can make them strike a conversation occasionally, though they are both convinced not to follow anyone’s advice.

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