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Capricorn & Aquarius compatibility

Capricorn & Aquarius compatibility: A Strange Love!
Capricorn and Aquarius love match is not an ideal relationship & will constantly ask for adjustments to be made. Capricorn is a fixed sign with little scope for accepting changes, while Aquarius is an experimental soul constantly changing at will. Though it is difficult, the two may find a middle ground if both partners are willing to compromise a bit on their natures & adjust as per the need. Compatibility levels are generally low.

CAPRICORN & AQUARIUS Love Compatibility: 0.5/10

For Capricorn, even the approach to love is practical. They understand how sharing of emotions is important & consider it only a duty to share feelings on a regular feelings, without actually connecting with their partner on an emotional level. Aquarius on the contrary, moves away from any practicality in life & believe in a heavenly love bond where both the partners can feel connected at soul level & drift away. These different philosophies about love never truly connect & thus, love compatibility is mostly missing.

Trust Compatibility: 8/10

Trust is where this match truly succeeds. Capricorn with their practical approach finds lies to be useless. Aquarius is one of the most truthful signs equally reciprocates faith & truthfulness in a relationship. Thus, it is easy for the two to trust each other. Nonetheless, the lack of emotions in Capricorn can bring trust issues for Aquarius partner. Similarly, the open & free nature of Aquarius can bring doubts in the mind of Capricorn. Usually, trust compatibility is very good.

Communication Compatibility: 6.5/10

Aquarius & Capricorn both value their relationship. Nonetheless, apart from this, they have very less in common. Though they would deserve each other’s respect, respecting their partner is somewhat of a challenge for the two. Capricorn’s fixed methods are not easily understandable for Aquarius. Likewise, the philosophical & fantastical approach of Aquarius hinders Capricorn’s way of working. As long as the two talk about their relationship excluding their individual interests, they can establish a stable conversation. Communication compatibility is average.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 0.5/10

A sexual relationship between Capricorn & Aquarius is not a very charming affair. Capricorn considers intimacy as a way to forward their legacy through the production of new generations, while Aquarius looks forward to sex as a method to connect emotionally & philosophically with their partner. Aquarius can bring deep emotions & passion into the act, while Capricorn would generally lack the energy & excitement in bed. Thus, satisfaction levels are never reached & compatibility remains low.

Mental compatibility: 4/10

Capricorn stands for fixed limits and Aquarius is symbolic of freedom. Though different in their outlooks towards life, they both strongly value purity of heart & moral values. Loyalty, kindness, & compassion for others are a few things that both the signs greatly value. Eventually, indulging in such acts together can help them connect better with each other. Yet, these activities occupy little time in one’s schedule. Thus, the two get little chance to understand each other.

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