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Cancer Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn are signs known to carry a baggage from the past. They possess a sense of filling the blanks that may have been left somewhere in time. They both strongly believe in karmic cycle & constantly work on finding the natural balance in life. When they come together, they form a blissful love match & experience once-in-a-lifetime compatibility that cannot be expresses by words.

CANCER & CAPRICORN Love Compatibility: 7.5/10

Cancer and Capricorn souls that have travelled through time & evolved. For them, this relationship is an incomplete story of their ancestors, now put upon their shoulders to reach a conclusion. This can result in them spending a lot of time & energy in clearing the emotional dues – a task they feel obliged to do. While Cancer is an emotional sign, Capricorn can have a hard time finding their emotional side. The time spend on formalities could be utilized for understanding each other better, & thus a better love compatibility.

Trust Compatibility: 9.5/10

Capricorn natives understand the need of trust in a relationship & are usually devoted to their partners. However, trusting someone is not easy for them. A Capricorn Man would need a lot of clarifications & details from their partners to analyze if the truth has been spoken, while a Capricorn woman wants to see a proof that supports the facts. Since Cancer trusts their partner blindly, they don’t mind sharing the details with their partner. And over time, this love match reaches very high trust compatibility levels.

Communication Compatibility: 7/10

Cancer & Capricorn stand on opposite sides when it comes to handling of emotions. However, they both possess the reflections of a relationship from the past inside their minds. Usually, at the very first impulse, they would look at each other & recognize the warmth in their bond, as if they had known each other for ages. This allows for spontaneous & smooth communication between the two. However, if this ‘connect’ is not felt in the initial stages, it can become hard for a Capricorn to open up gradually.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9.5/10

Cancer and Capricorn form a high intensity & very passionate sexual relationship. Imagine two time traveler lovers separated for eternity, suddenly thrown together in bed! That’s the kind of intimacy they share together. The energies that flow seem to have been controlled for decades & finally appear to have found a way out. Though different at emotional levels, once together, emotions are what drive this relationship & sexual compatibility is no different.

Mental compatibility: 7/10

Both Cancer & Capricorn, value stability & security. While Cancer bends towards the emotional aspects of these values, Capricorn has a more practical approach. Though mentally different, the values they hold dear are the same, & they understand how the partner longs for the other aspect. This makes them feel secure with their partner & compatible on a mental level to share their thoughts with each other fearlessly.

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