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Scorpio & Capricorn compatibility

Scorpio and Capricorn love match is an inspiring experience for both partners. Both signs are deep thinkers and work diligently towards making of a strong bond. However, this deep thinking can often make this relationship a dark & depressing affair, leading both the partners into sadness. Thus, the two need to carefully act to keep any negativity or sadness away from their relationship in order to succeed as a love match. Overall compatibility is good.

SCORPIO & CAPRICORN Love Compatibility: 3.5/10

Scorpio & Capricorn have deep emotional needs. Yet in the beginning of this relationship, the two tend to act as strong pillars who are self-sufficient & dependable. They tend to become emotionally dependent on each other over time & often forget that initial images often create high expectations, which usually fail to impress over the long term. Their emotional connect comes into the picture very late in a relationship & this can create trouble adjusting after the two have accepted each other after due considerations. Thus, love compatibility remains low.

Trust Compatibility: 9/10

While Scorpio is a possessive partner, Capricorn is very straightforward who ditches any need for lies in a relationship. The two trust each other easily & rarely face the situation of making tough choices in their relation. Both signs are serious & deep thinkers, & hence, lay stability of their relation as the core foundation. Lack of intimacy may sometimes, create a sense of doubt, but this can be easily sorted with effective communication. Thus, trust compatibility remains very high.

Communication Compatibility: 7/10

Scorpio & Capricorn are both fixed signs with a fixed set of values in mind. To fight over opinions would really mean spending a lot of time in reconciling each other for this love match. Luckily, they share a lot, & such occasions are rare. All communication between these two is in deep details & a serious session of understanding each other. They give & take sufficient time to each other to understand the situation & then act accordingly in a sober manner to make things better.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 6/10

Scorpio and Capricorn enter a unique sexual relationship that is driven by a very specific group of energies. Scorpio brings in the dark & hidden feelings from within, while Capricorn keeps it a serious act of keeping their legacy going forward. This intimacy lacks emotions at the basic level. Thus, it can soon become monotonous or unsatisfying for one or both partners. They both like to keep emotions out of the act & would not want to talk about it once it’s done.

SCORPIO & CAPRICORN Mental compatibility: 3/10

This love match is the combination of guilt & the feeling that nothing is ever good enough. Scorpio is driven to the edge throughout their life by the thought that they are good for nothing. Capricorn on the contrary, runs all their life accepting everything with its shortcomings & telling themselves that nothing is ever good enough to make them truly happy. As such, mental compatibility for this pair is low, keeping them unhappy for most of the time.

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