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Capricorn Pisces Compatibility

Capricorn & Pisces compatibility: An Inspiring Pair!

A Capricorn-Pisces love match is a fairy tale come true for both partners. Pisces is highly emotional, & in search of a partner who can promise a stable relationship, where Pisces can completely rely on their partner. Capricorn is usually shy on expressing their emotions & a Pisces can effectively help Capricorn dig out those feelings from within. Though there will be enough challenges for them to stay together, yet they can overcome all odds to be together. Overall compatibility is very good.

Love Compatibility: 9/10

Pisces is heavily loaded with emotions & is simply waiting for their partner to show up, so that they can unload the baggage onto them. Capricorn may take some time to open up, but once there, they will dive heads on into the relationship & do everything possible to maintain the stability of their relationship. This mutual need for each other gives rise to an enormous quantity of love to develop between the two that only they can understand & handle. Love compatibility is very high.

Trust Compatibility: 8.5/10

Pisces can be playful or even doubtful of their own credibility. At times, they cannot fathom how someone can love them despite their shortcomings. Thus, to test their partner’s faith, they may lie at times. Capricorn is a practical sign & does not believe in lying. For them, such acts of testing by Pisces are rather cute & a symbol of love. Thus, Capricorn does not mind & goes with the flow. Occasional doubts may crawl in due to the clash of practicality & emotional approaches. Trust compatibility is generally strong.

Communication Compatibility: 6.5/10

Pisces & Capricorn regularly inspire each other & motivate their partner to be better. Pisces Woman tries to show the beauty beyond the practical monetary world that Capricorn Man is submerged in. Likewise, Capricorn woman tries to make a Pisces Man understand how sometimes, logical approach can help them survive in this world. The two communicate effectively, yet clashes can often occur. Thus, patience & diplomacy are their best friends. Communication compatibility stands at mediocre levels.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9.5/10

A sexual relationship is the perfect liberation for a Capricorn. While a Pisces truly evokes the sleeping emotions within Capricorn, they also ignite the passion that has always been missing from the life of Capricorn. Capricorn does not give up their idea of considering sex only as a way to reproduce. But they finally realize how this act of intimacy can effectively unite the partners at an emotional level as well. Satisfaction levels reach new heights & intimacy compatibility for this love match is very good.

Mental compatibility: 4.5/10

Despite the unison, the two signs stand at length on mental compatibility. Capricorn values strong morals & a practical living. Pisces lives in their own fantasy world, where lies & delusions are a common practice. Sharing emotions & feelings becomes easier after a time, but the initial stages take a lot of effort from both partners to bring them together.

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