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Capricorn & Capricorn compatibility

Capricorn – Capricorn love match is more of a survival match between the two partners. With horns pointed at each other, this bond is characterized by Capricorn’s need to be followed & idolized. Either partner wants to impose his or her supremacy in the relation, leading to a fight where no one wins, & everything is lost. Compatibility levels appear good, but the relation is quite rough.

CAPRICORN & CAPRICORN Love Compatibility: 3/10

Capricorn relies heavily on their partner’s constant boosting to bring out their emotions. Since both partners have similar expectations, neither is willing to initiate & take a leap of faith. Feelings of both partners remain dug within their hearts & usually they prefer not to share their emotions & risk their integrity. Over time, they might start to open up gradually, but only if both partners are willing to wait till then & give each other enough time, which generally does not happen. Thus, love compatibility remains low.

Trust Compatibility: 8/10

While Capricorn usually acts out of logic, another factor sometimes pulls down the trust compatibility. Capricorn tends to be truthful, yet the constant need of consent to be better than their partner is what drives a Capricorn to question their partner’s intentions. One of them would impose control over the other, & this would raise trust issues in the mind of the partner on whom restrictions are being imposed. Trust issues are followed by fallouts & ultimately, break up.

Communication Compatibility: 6.5/10

Once comfortable with each other, the two can discuss about anything for hours. But it is the comfort level that takes time to be reached at. Being the supreme ego masters, both partners would want their partner to break the ice. Neither would initiate an exchange of thoughts, & the two would spend most of their time in silence together. Thus, communication compatibility suffers despite of good communication skills.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 4/10

A sexual relationship between two Capricorns can never be exciting. Lack of passion & emotions, absence of a meaningful communication & the constant bickering for supremacy can still be put aside for a moment. However, the moment they get in bed, they turn into a dutiful warden for whom reproduction is a sort of ordeal that needs fulfillment. Satisfaction & care never cross their minds & low sexual compatibility prevails. If for a moment the two could talk about each other’s preferences & choices in bed, this can be greatly improved. But a bigger question would be who would start the conversation!

Mental compatibility: 8/10

Capricorn is a fixed sign with a fixed set of values they believe in. While the two partners may hold different values as important, together as a couple they would dismiss any third person’s opinions & feel proud of being a supreme pair. This interesting aspect can keep them together. Nonetheless, ethically it is not exactly accepted, nor does it bring peace to both the partners. Proud of each other, their battle for supremacy is virtually unending.

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