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Libra Scorpio Compatibility

Libra and Scorpio compatibility: Lost in the Darkness!

A love match between Libra & Scorpio can be a gloomy affair. Libra’s lack of confidence & Scorpio’s indulgence in the darkness within their heart makes for a risky relationship where both partners might end up being the depressed couple with no taste left for joy in life. The only way for this relationship to succeed would be for partners to keep themselves occupied with an active social life & spend lesser time together. Compatibility levels for this match are very low.

LIBRA & SCORPIO Love Compatibility: 2.5/10

Libra seeks a partner who is confident & likewise, boosts the mental & emotional confidence of Libra. Scorpio on the contrary, looks for a physically strong & a sensual & practical partner. The two have different needs & might never be attracted towards each other. Though sudden sparks of infatuation might bring their sexual desires to be together, the two are not a suitable match for long terms & love remains missing for most of the time.

Trust Compatibility: 0.5/10

While Libra women want the approval of the entire world to admire their beauty, a Scorpio man is generally too possessive towards his partner. The two behaviors breed signs of distrust in the minds of both the partners. While Scorpio finds Libra to be desperate for other’s attention, Libra feels that Scorpio is trying to tie Libra down in the relationship. As such, trust compatibility takes a hit & a faithful bond is never developed.

Communication Compatibility: 5.5/10

The correspondence in this love match is the correct place where the association of Libra to Saturn proves to be useful. This enables Libra to back off, take in, and comprehend the careless actions of their Scorpio partner. The issue they need to manage is in the way that they both speak to a weakness for each other’s rulers. Libra Man will experience difficulty understanding the forcefully clear side of Scorpio Woman, as much as Scorpio Man won’t comprehend the deceptive demonstration of their Libra Woman. Their disparities could be exceptionally hard to accommodate leading to average communication compatibility.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 4.5/10

Sexual intimacy or attraction is what could bring the two together at first glance. The intensity & passion within Scorpio & Libra is enough for them to feel satisfied the moment they face each other. However, soon the aggression turns into a dark melancholic act, which can drag them into feeling depressed or sad about the bare realities of life. The act would be passionate, yet the dark aura can leave permanent scars on their minds. Eventually, they might end up feeling sorry for getting involved with each other & sexual compatibility comes crashing down.

LIBRA & SCORPIO Mental compatibility: 1/10

Different approaches & different mindsets put them in completely dissimilar sections of life. Libra wants a clean & stable life, with decency at the peak of it. Scorpio prefers the harsh truth, no matter how ugly! Bringing them together in a mix is bound to make both of them uncomfortable, feeling miserable about themselves. Mental compatibility virtually doesn’t exist here.

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