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Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility: ‘A professional bond rather than Personal affair’
These both signs stand opposite to each other on many grounds. Taurus a fixed Earth sign, always resists change and feels satisfied with their repetitive work and appearances, while Aquarians on other side are most advanced and experimental of all the signs in the list. They both desire to achieve success in all matters but with a different approach. As such, their compatibility is negligible & a love match is almost impossible to survive.

TAURUS & AQUARIUS Love Compatibility: 2/10

Taurus is ruled by planet Venus, symbol of love, while Aquarius is ruled by planets Saturn and Uranus, symbolizing Karma and Rebellion respectively. Venus always strives for love, beauty, and physical pleasures while Saturn pushes Aquarius towards hard work and accomplishing the set goals. Aquarius can never understand a Taurus’s obsession over true love & Taurus is confused how Aquarius sees emotions as a sign of weakness. Emotional connect is clearly missing between the two.

TAURUS & AQUARIUS Trust Compatibility: 2/10

Taurus being a self-critique is hard to digest for Aquarius. Aquarius does not understand the attitude of Taurus of feeling not good about themselves. Therefore, Taurus can be stressed about their Aquarius partner & not feel the urge to be honest and true. They are not able to share what they feel with each other. Aquarius might show an open nature but lacks flexibility. However, if they want to build trust in their relationship, Aquarius needs to let go of their virtuous attitude and stay careful of their partner’s feelings. On the other hand, Taurus needs to stop over thinking about the reactions of other people & everything they say, and come out brave.

TAURUS & AQUARIUS Communication Compatibility: 1/10

They rarely share their thoughts with each other and when they make it, they both get into arguments. Taurus Woman being emotional teaches Aquarians Man that it is sometimes good to be sensitive and that they must respect emotional values, while Aquarius Woman helps Taurus Man to learn and understand how to leave and move away from the things that are not important to them anymore and attempt to achieve better. The two think in opposing directions & usually keep a safe distance from each other’s thoughts to avoid communication.

TAURUS & AQUARIUS Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 1.5/10

Usually, the curious and unpredictable Aquarius annoys the gentle and slow Taurus when it comes to sexual relationship. They don’t feel attracted towards each other, which make them boring and lazy. That being said, if Taurus could open the doors for unusual sexual encounters, they would really let their relation blossom. This match needs to combine the tenderness and gentle side of Taurus with the independent, isolated Aquarius. Taurus wants security while Aquarius is a native of freedom. If they show enough respect for each other, sex life would improve but the patience needed will mostly remain absent.

TAURUS & AQUARIUS Mental compatibility: 0.5/10

Taurus, being a fixed sign, dedicates all their mind and energy in their routine work without experimenting anything new, which seems to be boring for Aquarius while on the other hand, Aquarian’s experimenting behavior may excite Taurus but they soon get frustrated as well. If they make love and respect the base of their relation, this match can go far. But the level of patience required to make this love match survive for that long is immense, and usually not possible for the two to achieve.

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