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Taurus Virgo Compatibility

Taurus Virgo Compatibility: A Heavenly Match!
Taurus holds a pure love-filled heart, while Virgo has a clear mind & views. The two signs can mutually develop a bond that is stronger than anything they have ever witnessed in their lives. However, the hesitant natures can block their access to each other & one of the two partners has to take an initiative to come closer & open up. Once together, they can take on any challenge to maintain the love match made in heaven!

TAURUS & VIRGO Love Compatibility: 8.5/10

Virgo is usually filled with distrust & disappointments from past relationships, & do not open up easily to an emotional bond. Taurus as a perfect fit is a patient sign that gives enough time & space to their partner to build strong emotional foundations. The fear of being cheated, however, has to be let go for once. A leap of faith is all it takes for the two to enter a love compatibility that may never be broken & a blissful experience will then await the fateful.

TAURUS & VIRGO Trust Compatibility: 7.5/10

Trust is what Virgo struggles to deal with every day of their lives. They can never blindly put their faith in anyone. Taurus is quite relaxed & lays high importance to expression of feelings. This can often be misunderstood by Virgo as superficial & fake. The initial stages of this relationship usually take a lot of effort & patience since Virgo is not ready for acceptance. However, once a trust compatibility is established, both the partners will do anything to maintain this trust with their partner.

TAURUS & VIRGO Communication Compatibility: 9/10

Taurus is an emotional sign & lacks the practicality needed in everyday life. Virgo on the contrary, possesses an intellectual mind & offers a broader perspective to their partner. While a Taurus Man can put emotions over logic, Virgo women would assertively try to change his thoughts. And if a Taurus woman becomes rigid to accept these views, Virgo man would be flexible & tender to put his thoughts across. This makes their communication compatibility strong & efficient.

TAURUS & VIRGO Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 8.5/10

A sexual relationship between Taurus & Virgo can be very sensitive. Virgo, the sign of virginity is the realm where Venus, the sign of Taurus, fails to impact. While Virgo can be too critical of their sexuality & physical appearance, Taurus is gentle & motivates their partner with care & displaying a sense of satisfaction. Although this can be a new & satisfying experience for Virgo, the criticism brought by Virgo can sometimes hurt the self-esteem of Taurus. Thus, both signs need to be careful & patient. As an act, intimacy will truly be a surreal involvement for both partners.

TAURUS & VIRGO Mental compatibility: 5/10

Both Taurus & Virgo are earth signs and prefer a relaxed mode of living. Yet they lay importance to different types of thinking. Taurus is more emotional, while Virgo is often practical. At times, Virgo can easily point out the stubbornness of a Taurus partner. This can bring a crack in their mental compatibility. Yet, the two are highly accommodating & allow the partner to gradually understand their own viewpoint & let this love match grow stronger.

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