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Taurus Leo Compatibility

]Taurus Leo Compatibility: A Challenging Match!
This love match can face extreme challenges courtesy their completely different natures. Taurus, ruled by the feminine Venus, shows deep emotions, & Leo, governed by the alpha male Sun, is all about pride. If their masculine and feminine principles are in equilibrium, they can use their surroundings to enjoy the deepest unexplored pleasures in their relationship, if only they can gather the patience to do so.

TAURUS & LEO Love Compatibility: 2/10

Taurus is a deeply emotional sign. For them, love is a means to reflect care & utmost respect towards their partner. Leo, on the other hand, values passion & considers emotions as a tool of the weak. The two signs have their own fantasies about love compatibility with a partner & they continue to drift away without wanting to change their ideas. As such, these two signs rarely come together to show love to each other, as the partner is highly unlikely to understand it.

TAURUS & LEO Trust Compatibility: 6/10

Both Taurus & Leo are fixed signs who value trust greatly, but refuse to change themselves for anyone. Though they will make sure to remain truthful to their partners, if anyone of them has developed a habit of lying in previous relations, that habit is likely to stay with them forever. Similarly, if they have been cheated on before & refuse to trust people easily, then doubts will always be present in their mind about their present partner as well. This lack of trust can never completely be erased.

TAURUS & LEO Communication Compatibility: 0.5/10

These two signs rank very low on communication compatibility due to their rigid & opposing natures. A Taurus Man would present his logical perspective in a conversation, which can easily trigger the ego of Leo woman. Similarly, when a Leo Man tries to be too manly in a situation, Taurus woman would interfere & offer a more practical approach. Both signs are too stubborn to accept the other’s choice of actions & an efficient channel of communication can never truly be built.

TAURUS & LEO Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 5/10

A sexual relationship between Taurus & Leo can be a long & tiring affair. Both signs are lazy, like to be satisfied, but hold a different path to be satisfied. Taurus prefers a tender touch while Leo chooses a passionate & aggressive approach. The only way for them to have a pleasurable intimacy is if both partners predetermine how to satisfy themselves during the act & continue to work on it themselves. Expecting their partner to change is never going to happen in this match.

TAURUS & LEO Mental compatibility: 0.5/10

The key values in life vary largely for these two signs. Taurus values financial security and material comforts, while Leo cherishes pride, bravery & an honorable lifestyle. Taurus seeks peace in life, and a sort of stability that allows Taurus to rest & enjoy life at a slow pace. Leo wants action, and the joy of being idolized brings satisfaction for Leo. The two find each other’s views mundane & unintelligible. This leads to the conflicts in mental compatibility & the two don’t put much effort in trying to figure out a solution.

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