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Cat Eye Gemstone

Cat Eye gemstone gets its name because of its appearance. It is normally milky in color. This gemstone protects its wearer from hidden enemies, mysterious dangers, and diseases.

Also Known As: Lehsunia
Corresponding Planet: Ketu
Color: Yellowish-Green

This gemstone is very hot in nature & in case it does not suit the wearer, it can sometimes give immediate signals like uneasiness, restlessness, sweating etc.

Relation Between Ketu & Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone

Lehsunia is associated with planet Ketu.

The planet Ketu has been given the status of being one of the most influential planets by virtue of its extraordinary metaphysical properties.

Ketu is often considered a malefic planet & the Cat’s Eye acts to counter the evil effects of Ketu and diseases caused by Mars.

Who Should Wear Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone?

A person with weak Ketu in the birth chart should wear Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia. If Ketu is weakly placed or debilitated in the birth chart, or if malefic planets are posited with Ketu, then wearing blue sapphire can greatly benefit the wearer.

This gemstone will also suit a person who has a major period or sub period of Ketu running in their birth chart.
However, before wearing a gemstone, the horoscope & birth chart of the wearer must be analyzed by an expert astrologer.


Benefits of Wearing Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone

  • Cat’s Eye can prevent unexpected mishaps of life, cures mania, paralysis etc.
  • It protects its wearer from unexpected accidents and secret or hidden enemies.
  • For businesspersons, this gemstone brings splendid results bestowing wealth by secret & unexpected means like horseracing, gambling, stock exchange market, and speculations.
  • It saves the wearer & eliminates the chances of drowning, intoxication, and Government punishment.
  • Cat’s eye stone unblocks innumerable channels of earning quick money, consequently, bringing instant wealth, & ensuring a financial boost for the wearer.
  • Cat’s Eye gemstone helps in soothing of one of the worst and longest remaining Dasha, the Ketu Dasha that can last up to 18 years in a person’s life.

Effects Of Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone On Health?

Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia helps in curing ailments & developing body immunity against the following health issues:

  • Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia gemstone possesses excellent healing properties that guard its wearer against ghosts and evil eyes.
  • This gemstone also helps the wearer fight against several serious diseases related with heart, stomach, brain, and mind.
  • This gemstone frees an individual from worldly pleasures and enlightens the path of spirituality for him/her, leading to mental peace & serenity.
  • Wearing this gemstone will reduce or subdue brain diseases and help the wearer come out of depression and gloom.
  • Wearing this stone blesses great vision to its wearer and helps to improve visibility and memory power.
  • Lack of interest in food, lack of appetite or anorexia can be easily resolved with the help of this gemstone.
  • Cat’s eye gemstone is a highly auspicious gem that can be worn to protect the wearer against cancer and other life threatening diseases.

Identifying A Real Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone From A Fake Stone

Since Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia is an opaque gemstone, it can pose certain difficulties in differentiating the natural gem from synthetic or fake ones.

  • Inclusions: One striking difference, which any expert with some experience of analyzing natural Cat’s Eye Gems can catch is that an artificial Cat’s Eye will be too clear without any inclusions. Moreover, the Cat’s Eye effect will be marked too brightly & significantly. A natural gem possesses inclusions like small marks, grains of stone and the small irregularities below the polished surface, which can be easily seen under magnification.
  • Roughness: The lower part of a natural Cat’s Eye is not polished, but only ground. If the roughness of the stone can be felt there, it is likely to be a natural gemstone. Otherwise, it is fake.


The Most Auspicious Day & Time To Wear Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone

Planet corresponding to Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone is Ketu.

Wednesday & Friday are the preferable days to wear this gemstone.

Suitable Body Part For Wearing Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone

Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone should be worn on 2nd finger or 3rd finger of right hand.

The acceptable weight should be 3, 5 or 7 grams.

The Ideal Metal For Embedding Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone In

Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone should be worn with a gold ring.

The gemstone should be embedded or fixed in the gold band in such a way that the stone touches the skin of the wearer & can thus, channelize its powers in the life of the human being.

The Mantra For Wearing Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia Gemstone

The Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia gemstone is associated to the planet Ketu

Cat’s Eye/ Lehsunia should be washed with or dipped in fresh milk or Gangajal for at least 10 minutes in the morning. Then while chanting the following mantra, it should be worn at sunrise:

“AUM KETAVE NAMAH” x 108 times

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