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Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Also Known As: Pukhraj
Corresponding Planet: Jupiter
Color: Yellow

The yellow sapphire gemstone is considered as the most auspicious stone amongst all available gemstones.

Relation Between Jupiter & Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj

Astrologically, Jupiter is hailed as the most auspicious planet & signifies wealth, luck, fortune, prosperity & marriage bliss. Yellow Sapphire holds the power to capture a majority of the light reflected by Jupiter & thus, helps in encompassing the positivity of Jupiter & passing it to the wearer for maximum benefit.

Who Should Wear Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj?

A person with weak Jupiter in the birth chart should wear yellow sapphire.

If Jupiter is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house in the birth chart, or if malefic planets are posited with Jupiter, then wearing yellow sapphire can greatly benefit the wearer.

However, before wearing a gemstone, the horoscope & birth chart of the wearer must be analyzed by an expert astrologer.


Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj

Although the number of benefits is endless, here is a list of the key benefits of wearing a yellow sapphire:

  • Quick wealth for you
  • Benevolent Gemstone for unmarried girls; helps in finding the perfect life partner
  • Brings luck and fortune for its wearer
  • Helpful if feeling depressed or stressed; eliminates negativity & boosts positivity
  • New & endless opportunities in your life
  • For government workers or those working in the field of accounting, writing and acting, yellow sapphire gemstone helps them achieve great heights & new milestones in their respective careers
  • Fills happiness and joy in your married life and family affairs

Effects Of Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj On Health?

Yellow Sapphire helps in curing ailments & developing body immunity against the following health issues:

  • Helps in healing problems related to bones, especially for curb joint pain
  • Works effectively against cough, piles, and lung diseases
  • For Kidney related diseases, mix & consume Pukhraj powder with kewda water or screwpine essence
  • If suffering from Jaundice, mix Pukhraj powder with honey and take it with water
  • For foul mouth smell or bad breath, keep a piece of Pukhraj or yellow sapphire in mouth
  • The pills of yellow sapphire or Pukhraj efficiently curb serious diseases such as heart diseases, cholera, blood-related diseases, dysentery

Identifying A Real Yellow Sapphire From A Fake Stone

  • A real yellow sapphire gemstone will feel heavy when placed on the hand for some time.
  • A real yellow sapphire is transparently clear and the piece of the stone is large and without any layers.
  • A real yellow sapphire is soft and smooth.
  • The color of a real yellow sapphire gemstone stone appears like the yellow oleander.
  • The color of a fine-quality yellow sapphire gemstone improves when scrubbed against a wall or touchstone.
  • The stone, which reflects two colors and contains a black smudge or colorless is considered to be fake or synthetic/artificial yellow sapphire stone.
  • A high-quality yellow sapphire if scrubbed for a definite period of time, is said to generate or lit up the fire.
  • If suppressed by using the thumb and index finger of the right hand, a real yellow sapphire stone will slip away from the hand. This is due to the stone being very smooth.
  • A genuine quality yellow sapphire stone when being warmed up in fire, resembles the shape of setting Sun.


The Most Auspicious Day & Time To Wear Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj

Planet corresponding to Yellow Sapphire is Jupiter & the day associated with Jupiter is Thursday. Thus, this gemstone is best worn on a Thursday morning during Shukla Paksha to get the maximum benefits of Jupiter & to extract the true powers that are held within the gemstone.

Suitable Body Part For Wearing Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj

The yellow sapphire is the gemstone of planet Jupiter. For men, it should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand to earn the most of its offerings.

Women can wear this stone in the ring finger of their left hand.

The Ideal Metal For Embedding Yellow Sapphire/ Pukhraj Gemstone In

Yellow sapphire should be worn with either a gold or a diamond ring. The gemstone should be embedded or fixed in the gold or diamond band in such a way that the stone touches the skin of the wearer & can thus, channelize its powers in the life of the human being.

The Mantra For Wearing Yellow Sapphire

The yellow sapphire gemstone is associated to the planet Jupiter or “Guru”. Hence, when wearing this stone, one must prey to the planet & the wearer must recite this mantra for 108 times:


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