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Pearl Gemstone

Pearl is a naturally occurring gemstone and is found in deep sea waters. It has a divine shiny appearance that makes it very attractive & one of the most commonly used gemstones in today’s world.

Also Known As: Moti
Corresponding Astrological Planet: Moon
Color: White, Pink, Silver, Cream, Brown, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange, Gold, Purple

A natural pearl gemstone takes a lot of time to develop & is mostly made within the shell of shellfish, most notably Oysters.

Apart from the beautiful & graceful appearance, the gray or white colored Pearl is also popularly known for being the birthstone of people born in the month of June and the birthstone of the Moon.

Relation Between Moon & Pearl/ Moti

Pearl gemstone is associated with Moon.

Moon is known as the ruler of emotions & the leader of the brain, general prosperity, and fortune of its natives. It influences the vision, feelings, temperaments, and richness of a person. Thus, Pearl/ Moti helps in altering the effects of Moon.

When the Moon is in a malefic position, it causes afflictions & problems like bitter cold, a rough cut or blow, fever, eye ailments, throat issues, menstrual issues and intestinal issues.

Apart from the physical illnesses, it can likewise also result in mental uncertainty, depression, and negativity. By suppressing the effects of Moon, you can avert these health issues. Wearing a high-quality pearl allows the user to keep the effects of a malefic Moon under control & thus, avoid any such problems in life.

Who Should Wear Pearl/ Moti?

Pearl/ Moti is generally worn if the planet Moon is afflicted and debilitated.

It will also prove to be helpful during the Mahadasha and Antardasa of the planet Moon.

Wearing Pearl/ Moti without prior knowledge of Astrology or the placement of Moon in your horoscope can bring adverse effects. Thus, always have your birth chart examined by an Astrological Expert before wearing a Pearl/ Moti.


Benefits of Wearing Pearl/ Moti

  • Bestows clarity of mind, peace, intellect, & good health upon the lives of the wearer
  • Recommended for those individuals who are facing the sleeping problems, depression or mental issues
  • Showers happiness in the life of its wearer by eradicating or vanishing all fears from his/her mind and allows him/her to enjoy their lives to the fullest
  • Facilitates beauty and grace on the face
  • Improves marital relations by spreading love and harmony in personal relationships
  • Astrologically advisable to be given as gifts on marriage anniversary
  • Aids memory weakness
  • Helps in controlling of short temper and heart problems

Effects Of Pearl/ Moti On Health?

  • Pearl/ Moti helps in curing ailments & developing body immunity against the following health issues:
  • It can cure various ailments of eyes, throat, digestion systems, and stomach, notwithstanding advancing mental peace and steadiness.
  • Pearl infuses positive energies into the body of its wearer, thus fortifying his psyche, providing sound peace, and setting him free from mental pressures.
  • It adjusts feelings, especially outrage & helps the wearer control sudden outbursts.
  • Pearl gemstone is highly valuable for females, since it can help counter menstrual issues and boost their fertility, magnificence, and physical appeal.

Identifying A Real Pearl/ Moti From A Fake Stone

Here are some effective ways to verify if the Pearl is genuine or a fake:

  • The Touch test: A real pearl is always cooler than the surrounding room temperature, provided it is not worn on the body. Even during warm weather conditions, real pearls will feel cool when touched. This differentiates them from fake pearls, which will not be colder than room temperatures & adapt to the surroundings.
  • The tooth test: Rub the pearl against your front teeth. If it is real or natural, you will feel a light irritation or roughness across your teeth. Fake pearls are too smooth & you will not feel much friction while biting them.
  • The Weight test: Fake pearls are lighter. Real pearls are much heavier. Pearls are made of multiple layers of nacre, which is very dense in nature and weighs more than the plastic or raisin material used for making synthetic or fake Pearls.
  • The Bounce Test: A natural Pearl bounces higher on a glass surface when compared with a fake one. If a real Pearl is dropped on a glass from 60 cm of height, the rebound height is around 35 cm. Under the same test conditions, fake Pearls display much lesser rebound heights.
  • The Light test: When light is put on Pearls, real Pearls reflect more light & thus, appear shinier than fake Pearls. Moreover, a real Pearl will reflect light differently when light falls on different areas of the same Pearl. This makes it hard to capture the real color of a natural Pearl on camera. Fake or synthetic Pearls reflect lesser light but reflect it evenly, no matter which part is under consideration.
  • Shape and Size: Real Pearls are not perfectly round or spherical in shape and size. This makes every Pearl unique, as no two Pearls can be of same size or shape. Fake pearls are almost perfectly rounded and spherical. They have overly smooth surfaces & have identical sizes.
  • The fire test: If burnt for some time, a black coating appears on every Pearl, whether real or fake. However, upon wiping off the black burnt coating, if you can still see the pearl inside, it is a real Pearl. A fake pearl would have nothing other than coal after being burnt.
  • The Knife test: Scrape off the top layer of a Pearl with a knife & collect the powder. In case of real Pearls, the powder will feel smooth & the Pearl will still possess its luster. If it is fake, the powder will be rough & you will see a plastic, lusterless inner layer.


The Most Auspicious Day & Time To Wear Pearl/ Moti

Clear all the negative energies from the unused Pearl/ Moti by drenching it in cow milk or water for about 20-30 minutes to wash away its impurities.

One must wear it on Monday during sunrise, possibly between 5 am to 7 am.

Suitable Body Part For Wearing Pearl/ Moti

Pearl gemstone should be worn in small finger/ pinky of the right hand.

The Ideal Metal For Embedding Pearl/ Moti Gemstone In

For best results, Pearl/ Moti should be worn in the silver ring only.

The gemstone should be embedded or fixed in silver in such a way that the gemstone touches the skin of the wearer & can thus, channelize its powers in the life of the human being.

The Mantra For Wearing Pearl/ Moti

While wearing Pearl gemstone, chant the following mantra to obtain the maximum benefits offered by Moon.
“Aum Som Somaye Namah Aum” or “Om Namah Shivaya”

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