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Emerald Gemstone

Emerald Gemstone is a derivative of a mineral called Beryl & is available in a stunning green color.

Also Known As: Panna
Corresponding Planet: Mercury
Color: Green

Also known as Panna, the Emerald gemstone is connected with the planet Mercury or Buddha, the messenger of the gods, and has a wide range of medical benefits.

Relation Between Mercury and Emerald/ Panna

Astrologically, Mercury is the lord of Gemini & Virgo, and depicts intellect, mental capacity, memory, speech, & knowledge. Mercury is also considered the ruler of trade or profession.

A negative Mercury can result in loss of memory or reasoning power, speech issues, lack of focus, insomnia etc. Emerald governs this planet and ensures that the individual is filled with confidence, willpower, analytical ability & enhanced positivity in life.

Who Should Wear Emerald/ Panna?

A person with weak or debilitated Mercury in the birth chart should wear Emerald/ Panna.

If Mercury is placed in an inimical sign, then wearing Emerald can greatly benefit the wearer.

However, before wearing a gemstone, the horoscope & birth chart of the wearer must be analyzed by an expert astrologer.


Benefits of Wearing Emerald/ Panna

Here is a list of the key benefits of wearing a Emerald (panna):

  • Emerald improves functionalities associated with the brain of an individual, such as memory, communication, intuition, intellect, and the ability to learn.
  • Emerald is a hot gem. It increases intelligence and brainpower, removes or heals fickle-mindedness, loss of memory, speech problems like stammering, cools the harsh speech and fear from souls and spirits.
  • Emerald is not recommended for newlywed couples. It is said that newly married couples should not use it, as it can dampen marital harmony due to a reduction in sexual desires & passion.
  • It is very helpful in relieving digestive issues such as diarrhea, dysentery, gastritis, peptic ulcer, asthma, insomnia, heart troubles, etc.
  • An Emerald wearer is quite likely to find sufficient wealth in life.

Effects Of Emerald/ Panna On Health?

Emerald/ Panna helps in healing ailments & developing body immunity against the following health issues:

  • It helps to boost the mentality and intelligence of an individual and aids in improvement of reactions.
  • Ill placed or weak Mercury in the horoscope can lead to various health issues such as problems related to skin (such as allergies, infections etc.), speech (stammering, harsh tone) and nervous system (anxiety, nervousness and stress). Wearing the Emerald gemstone can help the wearer get rid of all these issues.
  • Emerald increases the reasoning power and wisdom of the wearer, apart from having a calming influence on the emotions and reducing of stress. Emerald is thus, often called as the Healer of the Mind.
  • In addition to empowering & vitalizing the brain and improving the memory, a good quality emerald can efficiently alleviate speech problems such as an aggressive tone or stammering.
  • Epilepsy, amnesia, asthma, heart disease, diarrhea, and insomnia are some of the other medical conditions in which Emerald has proved to be useful.
  • Wearing an emerald helps in reducing the chances of a lengthy labor for a pregnant woman.
  • Emerald is known to have healing effects for problems related to heart, and blood.

Identifying A Real Emerald/ Panna From A Fake Stone

  • Emeralds obtained from different mines possess different kinds of inclusions. These inclusions are easily visible to the naked eye, or can be seen under magnification. If no inclusions are visible even under magnification, then there is a high chance that the Gem under examination is either a piece of glass or a fake stone. The inclusions in Emeralds may include inclusions like fiber, straw, milky white spots, bamboos, flakes of mica, and small cubes of rock salt. Sometimes, black spots can also be seen in Emeralds.
  • A synthetic or fake Emerald contains nail-like inclusions, brush marks, or chains of bubbles. These are easily visible when viewed under magnification.


The Most Auspicious Day & Time To Wear Emerald/ Panna

Emerald is associated with Mercury or Buddha. The corresponding day for Mercury is Wednesday. Thus, Emerald should be worn on a Wednesday morning during Shukla Paksha (5 am to 7 am) to get the maximum benefits of Jupiter & to extract the true powers that are held within the gemstone.

Suitable Body Part For Wearing Emerald/ Panna

Emerald/ Panna should be put in the Little finger of the working hand.

The Ideal Metal For Embedding Emerald/ Panna Gemstone In

It should be put in Gold or Silver Ring on the Little finger of the working hand.

The gemstone should be embedded or fixed in the gold or diamond band in such a way that the stone touches the skin of the wearer & can thus, channelize its powers in the life of the human being.

The Mantra For Wearing Emerald/ Panna

Before wearing Emerald, it should be dipped or drenched into Gangajal or cow milk for at least 10 minutes.

Emerald should be cleaned regularly using soapy water or with a soft brush.

While wearing Emerald recite the following mantra for praying to Mercury:


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