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Red Coral Gemstone

Red Coral gemstone is a naturally occurring gemstone & is formed under the sea due to regular collection or gathering of the animal skeleton & plants. The collection is called a coral reef.

Also Known As: Moonga
Corresponding Astrological Planet: Mars
Color: Red, Orange

The branches of coral reef are made of calcium carbonate. The coral stone varies in color & can be pink, red, or orange. It is widely used for jewelry making purposes.

Relation Between Mars & Red Coral/ Moonga

The red coral gemstone is associated with planet Mars as per Vedic Astrology. Mars is the commander in chief for the army of the Gods and is a powerful planet that has a very strong influence over its natives.

Mars infuses courage, vigor, zeal, a healthy sexual appetite, good health, and passion in the life of its natives. Wearing coral stone upon the advice of an expert astrologer can infuse all the powers of Mars in the life of the wearer with amusing benefits & superb gains.

Who Should Wear Red Coral/ Moonga?

  • Red coral or moonga gemstone can be worn by the ascendant of any sign to enjoy the benefits of the red coral gemstone.
  • A person, who is either suffering from Mangal dosh or Dasha, can benefit greatly by wearing this gemstone.
  • Even a person with Mars placed at a benefit position in their birth chart can wear this gemstone to ensure they make the most of this planetary positioning.
  • This gemstone is very helpful for people, who are suffering from blood diseases or mind problems & Red Coral can aid to cure these serious diseases.

Nonetheless, the horoscope & birth chart of the wearer must be analyzed by an expert astrologer before wearing a gemstone.


Benefits of Wearing Red Coral/ Moonga

  • Helps a person with diseases such as piles, ulcer, and brain-related diseases
  • Has the ability to enhance the physical strength of the wearer and aid in empowering of the bones
  • Is highly benevolent, especially for children and kids
    Can heal or restrain the effects of a snake or Scorpio bite
  • Bestows courage and fortitude to the wearer, which helps him/her to face difficult times bravely & efficiently
  • Boosts the self-confidence and determination of all those people who wear it properly
  • Reduce the chances of miscarriage, abortion, piles, reduces fever, & smallpox

Identifying A Real Red Coral/ Moonga From A Fake Stone

Here are some effective ways to verify if the Red Coral is genuine or a fake:

  • The Color: The color of a natural red coral gemstone should not be too dark or vivid. It is usually a sober shade, with very little shine to it.
  • The Temperature: A natural Red Coral gemstone is cool to touch even at room temperature. Place the gemstone in your hands for some time and feel them. If a stone feels hot or warmer after some time, it is most likely a synthetic or a fake stone.
  • Scratches: Always check a red coral gemstone for any existing scratches or dent marks. Any inclusions or scratches in the stone mean that the stone is either fake or damaged. Using it in either cases can bring malefic effects.
  • Hardness: Red Coral is a fragile gemstone & hence, very prone to scratches or breakage. Hence, if the stone in your hand feels too hard & strong, it is likely to be unnatural & synthetic.
  • Bubbles: Scrutinize a red coral under a magnifier & check for any bubbles inside the stone. If any bubbles or smudges are present inside the stone, then the stone is likely a low quality product & will not give the desired results.
  • For gathering more knowledge about whether your coral is an original or fake, visit to a gemologist or gem expert.


The Most Auspicious Day & Time To Wear Red Coral/ Moonga

Red Coral/ Moonga should be drenched in or dipped in fresh milk or Gangajal in the morning. Then while chanting the mantra, it should be worn at sunrise (between 5 am to 7 am) at the hands of a virgin male child.

The weight of the ring should be no less than 6 carats.

Tuesday is considered the best day to wear red coral gemstone.

Suitable Body Part For Wearing Red Coral/ Moonga

Red Coral/ Moonga can be worn in the form of a ring, pendant, or a necklace.

As a ring, it should be worn in the third or ring finger of the right hand.

The Ideal Metal For Embedding Red Coral/ Moonga Gemstone In

Red Coral/ Moonga should be either studded in gold or copper ring to attain the maximum benefits of mars exactly.

The gemstone should be embedded or fixed in such a way that the stone touches the skin of the wearer & can thus, channelize its powers in the life of the human being.

The Mantra For Wearing Red Coral/ Moonga

Face the east direction while wearing Red Coral gemstone & offer incense and flowers while reciting the following mantra for 108 times, wearing this stone:

“Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Aum”
“Om Sri Sarvanabhavaaya Namah”

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