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Virgo Libra Compatibility

Virgo and Libra compatibility: ‘An Unlikely Pair

Virgo and Libra can form an unlikely love match where Libra seeks emotional approval of their partner & Virgo usually avoids an emotional connection with anyone. The two are opposite ends of the same stick & to bring them together would only damage their individual spirits. While Virgo would express their logical views, Libra tends to think emotionally. One of the two is bound to get hurt & thus, compatibility levels suffer.

VIRGO & LIBRA Love Compatibility: 0.5/10

This relationship lacks emotions at the very basic level. Libra is highly emotional, so much that at times, they may lose control over their mind under emotional outbreaks. Virgo, on the other hand, is a rational being, working entirely out of logic, leaving any emotional baggage out of the equation. To connect based on love is very hard for this love match. One would supply immense quantities of love, while the other would reject it calling it illogical, let alone reciprocate. Thus, love compatibility is negligible.

Trust Compatibility: 2.5/10

Trust compatibility for this love match is very low. However, most of it is due to lack of understanding. Libra Woman seeks other’s approval to boost their self-confidence. This can sometimes be misunderstood by Virgo Man as flirting or considering of options. Similarly, Virgo Woman would not frequently open up to their partner, & Libra Man would doubt such actions. Thus, trust is always being tested & barely stands tall in such situations for this love match.

Communication Compatibility: 6/10

Communication compatibility for this love match stands average due to their opposing natures of speaking out. While Libra would share the tiniest of details with their partner, Virgo prefers to listen to the details. This makes it a one-way channel, yet a very effective one. Problems begin to jump in when Libra wants to hear out their partner & Virgo refuses to speak. They don’t feel the need to speak their thoughts out or share any details with anyone.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 0.5/10

The sexual relationship between a Virgo and a Libra is not a happy place to be! Libra loves emotional outbursts, & what better spot to bring everything into action than in bed! On the other hand, Virgo considers sex as a logical method to bear children, which is neither romantic nor exciting. Putting the two together is an instant turn off for both the partners, & intimacy compatibility levels are buried deep underground, with no chance of resurrection!

VIRGO & LIBRA Mental compatibility: 3/10

The ultimate goal for both these signs is different. Virgo seeks to find the eternal truth through logic, while Libra only wants to maintain a balance in their lives, without really caring if the world ends tomorrow. Virgo lives in an emotionally deprived world, while Libra seeks an emotional support to rely on for the rest of their lives. With so many common interests, the two minds work in such different ways that when they realize how the other works, they are amazed that they managed to be together for so long.

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