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Gemini and Libra compatibility

Gemini and Libra compatibility: ‘Loving and understanding couple’
Libra is ruled by planet Venus, symbolizing love, while Gemini a sign of communication, is ruled by planet Mercury. They both share similar areas of interests, thoughts, and opinions and always support each other. Even if they get into any fights or debates, they will both forget and forgive each other. This love match is an epitome of love & understanding.

GEMINI & LIBRA Love Compatibility: 8.5/10

Libra ruled by planet Venus (love), can easily fall in deeply for their Gemini partner. Gemini too provides emotional security and support to Librans in return. This loving and caring relation amid the two makes other people envious. There are often spots where the two may get lost in their own worlds, but the moment they see each other, sparks of love are reignited.

Trust Compatibility: 9/10

Librans are people of actions. They do what they say, even if that comes out after many long and hard battles inside. If they decide to be with someone, they will do anything to make it happen. Librans never doubt their own reasoning and choice. They will most likely believe their Gemini partners. In return, Gemini will trust Libra wholeheartedly. They will respect the fact that Librans like to flirt with other people too, to seek love and acceptance. Gemini will not only accept this fact but also enjoy this space, as it will give them their share of freedom.

Communication Compatibility: 6/10

Gemini are more practical than Librans. The latter being the most sensitive sign among all in the list, takes lot of communication and words of Gemini as a personal offense even if Gemini said so out of their natural behavior without any intention of hurt. This misunderstanding and fights occur as both the partners lack patience, tolerance, and understanding.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 8/10

Libra ruled by Venus, the planet of sexuality when meets Gemini ruled by Mercury, the planet with no sexual wisdom, will have only one goal that is to balance their emotions. However, both signs are full of curiosity, which help them in contemplating their sex life. Both Gemini and Libra start with good understanding and mental connection. When it comes to sexual intimacy, this point is a plus as they both are easy breezy to discuss anything and talk about what is bothering them and what is pleasurable. Gemini’s charm usually uplifts Libra’s delicate ego. Gemini by making everything a little less serious helps their Libra partners to open up and share emotions through sex too.

Mental compatibility: 8/10

Libra the symbol of Love and Gemini the sign of communication collectively work very well. They combine their energy to win the world with harmony and peace. Libra’s innovative way of thinking, and ideas for new projects complements the energy of Gemini.

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