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Leo Libra Compatibility

LEO & LIBRA compatibility: A Balance of Respect & Responsibility!

Leo & Libra share a strong bond where mutual respect reigns. The two signs develop a relationship where power & responsibilities are balanced between the partners & bonding is worth showing off in public! However, both partners seem to be competitive & the constant race for supremacy is always in place. Despite that, mutual respect remains undeterred in this love match, making them highly compatible.

Love Compatibility Leo & Libra: 9.5/10

Leo & Libra are warm signs who value relations & stable family life. As such, this relationship is founded on the very basis of strength & emotions. Both partners put in their best efforts to make their partner feel loved & appreciated. A long-term relationship is their objective together & love compatibility remains very good between the two.

Leo 7 Libra Trust Compatibility: 4/10

Trust compatibility is where this love match can fail. Both Leo & Libra seek the attention of others, but with different motives. While Leo is a show-off & wants to be the center of attraction, Libra seeks the approval of others to feel good about themselves. The basic instincts of both signs are very hard to change & both fail to understand the ground reality behind their partner’s need for attention. This can often lead to trust issues.

Communication Compatibility: 8.5/10

The communication between Leo & Libra is a delight to watch. They understand each other so well without being judgmental that usually, a conversation may sound like a rapid fire round. With quick exchange of words & similar understanding, the two make a fast-paced exchange of thoughts without losing respect for each other or themselves. However, issues crawl in when an underwhelmed Libra might develop jealousy due to the flamboyant nature of Leo.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9/10

Leo & Libra establish a sexual relationship that looks more like an exhibition of lovemaking. Both seek the public eye & as such, act accordingly in bed. While Leo flaunts their sexual prowess, Libra’s sexuality adds spice & further fuels Leo’s passion. The love match experiences a passionate & sensual intimacy, & possesses great sexual compatibility.

Mental compatibility: 7.5/10

Leo holds courage & honor at the top of their priority list, while Libra values a balanced & ethical lifestyle. Both signs are highly compatible at mental level & usually understanding the needs of their partner. However, at times Leo may be carried away in their act of showing off, forgetting how Libra may feel uncomfortable in the absence of a true hero, rather than looking at a boastful act. Mutual understanding is generally good & can be further improved.

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