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Virgo Pisces Compatibility

Virgo and Pisces compatibility: A Bond of Rational Emotions!

This love match is perfect on paper & almost impossible in practicality! While both Virgo & Pisces share high compatibility on most levels, their opposing natures collide at every point in life, leading to a possible break out. The regular clash of logic vs emotions is further fuelled by their changing & mutable natures, which is constantly at work to pull them apart. What seems a match made in heaven in theory, turns into a fling between two strangers who might soon refuse to even recognize each other.

VIRGO & PISCES Love Compatibility: 9.5/10

Virgo has their emotions embedded at the very core of their soul, which can often be a tricky task to dig out. Pisces, being one of the most emotional signs on the zodiac is a strong contender with the ability to dwell deep enough & seek the ultimate treasure. Virgo needs time & patience to reach an emotional connect, & Pisces readily provides that. Love compatibility remains high, as long as one day they don’t wake up & suddenly realize they are bored of each other.

Trust Compatibility: 6.5/10

Virgo Man being the logical guru seeks a truthful partner to be with. Pisces Woman on the other hand, wants a trusted partner, but may often display a changeable nature, which makes it hard to trust them. Likewise, Pisces Man would pour his heart out in front of his partner, yet Virgo Woman would find that illogical & respond rationally without feelings. This makes Pisces feel neglected & causes trust issues. The initial stages of the relationship may work when trust is not much relied on, though for a long-term relation, this is the recipe for disaster.

Communication Compatibility: 8.5/10

Both Virgo & Pisces are changeable signs. Working in a similar fashion, their minds likewise prefer intellectual topics & share many common interests. Though Pisces may sometimes be attracted to fantasies, with Virgo they manage to strike a meaningful conversation quite often. With shifting opinions & change of interests, the two manage to talk about almost anything for hours without much effort. A constructive conversation though, is a point where they struggle to remain on the same page.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9.5/10

Virgo and Pisces are passionately attracted towards each other & the resulting sexual relationship is an enlightening experience for the two signs. While Virgo is shy to accept & express their sexuality, Pisces understands this & provides a soothing comfortable level to be reached, which proves pivotal to a satisfying intimacy between the two. Sexual compatibility is very good, with both partners finding a new dimension for their existence with each other.

Mental compatibility: 7.5/10

Virgo & Pisces seek perfection but on different nodes. Virgo is on the lookout for the perfect logical mind that could solve the eternal question about existence, while Pisces searches for the perfect emotional being that can balance out their lives. Though standing at contradicting ends, they understand each other very well. Clash of opinions is likely, yet they can be easily sorted.

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