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Virgo Virgo Compatibility

VIRGO & VIRGO compatibility: A Logical Match!

Virgo-Virgo love match is definitely not based on love & romance. Virgo being a logical sign would either form a partner out of intellectual attraction or out of the sparks that were generated at the first glance. Both the partners would think along similar lines, & can form a strong mental compatibility. However, their emotions may change frequently, leading to imbalance of feelings.

VIRGO & VIRGO Love Compatibility: 2.5/10

A love match between two rational signs can lack emotional value. Though occasionally, they may put in their feelings into action, the challenge for both the partners is to act based on emotions & not pure logic, since their minds are always at work, analyzing every aspect of the relation. They need to understand that emotions are what set the foundations for a long-term stable relationship & not logic.

Trust Compatibility: 7/10

When these logical partners come together, trust automatically finds it place as a necessity in the relation. Lying is not needed since everything is out of logic. Though sometimes, if one of the partners feels a change of inclination due to the mutable nature of Virgo, lies & deceit may crawl in. The other partner usually identifies this & trust compatibility can suffer.

Communication Compatibility: 9.5/10

Communication is one of the key skills that make Virgo natives stand out. In-depth knowledge of an issue followed by the logical analysis leads to very educating conversations between the partners. Even if the topic seems off interest for one of the partners, their eagerness to learn allows for good communication, where one becomes the teacher, & the other a student. Communication compatibility remains high & rarely suffers.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 3/10

A sexual relationship is built out of love or passion. For Virgo duo however, these fields lay empty. Thus, intimacy between two Virgo natives is a sad experience. Both partners understand the rational need for intimacy in a relationship. They get into the act merely for reproduction, leaving out the bulk of emotions & turn this act into an ordeal of other worldly pleasures. Neither of the partners is willing to think of it from an emotional point of view & satisfaction levels are restricted to orgasms.

VIRGO & VIRGO Mental compatibility: 8/10

Though Virgo natives think logically, to be same on a mental level takes lot more than that. They understand how their partner thinks & acts. However, both partners hold separate values in their minds that they believe & work for. It is very hard to convince them otherwise & despite being the similar logical creatures that they are, on a mental level, they can be two walls facing each other, both unwilling to move.

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