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Gemini and Virgo compatibility

Gemini and Virgo compatibility: ‘When Winds Caress the Earth’
Both Gemini and Virgo are explorers. Yet their basic natures vary largely. While Gemini being an Air sign, is constantly on the move & unpredictable, Virgo is an Earth sign, fixed & unchangeable. Both are over thinkers yet think differently. For this love match to succeed, a lot of understanding & adjustment is needed. When fast-moving winds collide with the immovable mountains, one of them must change their path!

GEMINI & VIRGO Love Compatibility: 5.5/10

Gemini is one of the least emotional signs, while Virgo is self-critical & shuns emotions. Though both partners lack an emotional thinking, yet together they can develop an understanding for their partner’s lack of emotions. This understanding can allow them to fill in the emotional gap in their partner’s heart & make up for a strong love match. However, their individual personalities that fear feelings can often cause hindrances & may not fully allow them to immerse in a love-filled relationship.

Trust Compatibility: 0.5/10

Trust compatibility for this match is practically nil! Gemini Woman is highly unpredictable & Gemini Man will explore & cross new boundaries to seek adventure. While Virgo Man is too doubtful of their partner, Virgo Woman is too self-critical & does not trust even herself. The trust quotient does not exist in this relationship, & sharing secrets with their partner is just not happening here! A relation without trust is not even a relationship at all. If only someone could make them face reality for once.

Communication Compatibility: 8/10

Both Gemini & Virgo are led by Mercury, the head of communication. Both the signs are apt at starting a meaningful conversation that will satisfy the eagerness of each partner to learn something from the other. Putting aside the individual differences, they treat communication as a mode of learning, not as a means to connect with each other. As such, in spite of high communication compatibility, the two fail to connect at an emotional level.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 0.5/10

Sexually, these are two opposing signs. Gemini is masculine, a true show off, & Virgo is feminine & very shy. They have different preferences when it comes to be satisfied physically & none is willing to comprise their choices for their partner. They could communicate effectively over their individual needs, yet the results are not too promising due to their failure to adjust as per their partner’s needs. Compatibility in intimacy remains unsatisfactory.

Mental compatibility: 7/10

Intelligence & practicality attracts both these signs. They greatly value a person’s mental & analytical capabilities. Thus, they instantly connect over conversations & sharing of thoughts. It is their emotional views that differ & what brings the walls of this relationship down eventually. For as long as they are sharing intellectual information, they are possibly at their happiest selves.

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