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Cancer Aquarius Compatibility

Though it holds a little potential to be a learning experience for both the partners, the love match of Cancer & Aquarius is generally a strenuous affair, with lack of mutual understanding & many unfulfilled expectations. Cancer has to manage the emotional as well as practical responsibilities, while Aquarius would concentrate on the fun activities & creative ideas. With most of the energy exhausted, Cancer would be left with very little to actually enjoy or have any fun.

CANCER & AQUARIUS Love Compatibility: 5/10

Aquarius & Cancer form an unlikely love relationship. While Cancer Woman would fill it with emotional stability, Aquarius Man would throw in the wildness & creativity. On one hand, Cancer Man would willingly accept the duties of family & responsibilities, Aquarius woman would embed the open-mindedness & a broader prospective towards life in the relation. As such, this can be a unique & enriching bond, but usually Cancer can feel emotionally drained & left out with Aquarius.

Trust Compatibility: 3.5/10

Cancer is all about trust & stability. Aquarius, on the contrary is all about changes & experiment. Cancer would share the tiniest of details with their partner but Aquarius can feel stressed for having to give out all the details, most of which would be unknown to them as well. Thus, trust compatibility is always on the edge in this relationship. Aquarius would fail to understand how Cancer could give importance to every detail & Cancer would refuse to accept the variable nature of Aquarius.

Communication Compatibility: 5.5/10

Cancer and Aquarius are both attracted to knowledge. Cancer pays attention to the smallest details & Aquarius always eyes the grander size & prize. They may exchange words of wisdom over a common topic of interests, yet setting a compatible tone for the conversation is usually not possible. Cancer would talk about how a project was setup & built, whereas Aquarius would lay emphasis on what the project produced & how it affects everyone after being built. Eventually, one of them has to give up & get moving.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 0.5/10

A sexual relationship between Cancer and Aquarius is a messy situation. While Cancer needs emotional connect to step into a sexual relationship, Aquarius does not bind themselves in such boundaries. For them, sex is all about pleasures & exploring new positions. The two would approach intimacy from different directions, & finding a common ground is just not possible. Dissatisfaction is certain & sexual compatibility is bound to remain low.

Mental compatibility: 1/10

Two different minds make for two separate identities. Cancer values family life & emotional stability. Aquarius on the contrary, seeks freedom & greater knowledge. The two signs are worlds apart, & mental compatibility is not in sync. Trying hard to make this love match work will take a lot out of both the signs, further leading to losing oneself, & great dissatisfaction.

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