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Gemini Cancer Compatibility

Gemini Cancer Compatibility: Nothing Alike!

Gemini and Cancer lie next to each other in the zodiac, though have not much in common. While Gemini prefers a spiced up life, always full of excitement, Cancer longs to be heard & understood. The two can find some topics to talk about & turn into a meaningful conversation, yet to stay together, they need to put in a lot of hard work & patience to understand each other & adapt accordingly. Overall compatibility for this love match remains very low.

GEMINI & CANCER Love Compatibility: 1/10

Gemini is not the most emotional sign on the zodiac. It prefers to remain afloat in their own superficial world of intellect & adventure. Cancer on the other hand, is deeply sentimental & prefers to share every detail of every feeling with their partner. Gemini can never truly pay attention to emotional expressions, while Cancer cannot understand Gemini’s obsession with finding excitement in everything. As such, love remains absent & the two can never connect on an emotional level.

GEMINI & CANCER Trust Compatibility: 2.5/10

Gemini is a sign by Mercury, the trickster! It is always changing directions & is unpredictable. Cancer is more stable and slow paced. For a Gemini to survive a relation, they must move around continuously & explore new directions around their safe haven, while Cancer needs to remain inside, leaving the two partners separate & often a disappointed Cancer. Thus, trust issues are common for this love match & can never be completely removed, leaving very little scope for a secure future for the two.

GEMINI & CANCER Communication Compatibility: 7/10

Gemini is great at communication. Gemini woman would share every details of her experiences with her Cancer Man, while a Gemini Man would fill her Cancer Woman with all the happenings throughout his day. But as is the case, Gemini is not a very good listener. When Cancer wants to speak, the partner is just not interested. And the gap keeps widening till it splits them apart.

GEMINI & CANCER Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 0.5/10

Sexual relationship between these two is almost blasphemy! While Gemini shuns any emotional aspect in their lives, Cancer builds their life on the very foundation of emotions. Sexual relationship is an adventure for Gemini, while for Cancer, it is the highest form of intimate connection with their partner. Expecting the other to change as per their needs is a foolish attempt that these signs can make, and is never going to work out.

GEMINI & CANCER Mental compatibility: 0.5/10

Gemini being a rational sign, holds money & security to the highest priority in a relationship. Cancer, the emotional leader in the zodiac puts family love & care at the top of their list. The two very largely in their mental priorities & understanding that reaching a level of mutual consent is not possible. The differences are too large for any of them to accommodate, leading to poor compatibility.

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