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Cancer Leo Compatibility

Both Cancer & Leo are emotional signs. Yet the two usually fail to connect as a love match. Their emotional understanding varies to a great extent as well as their priorities in life. As such, reaching a point of consent is usually not possible. Though both are strong in their own way, together they can never truly belong to each other & thus, show low compatibility.

CANCER & LEO Love Compatibility: 4.5/10

Leo possesses a warm heart & a fun loving personality. Cancer on the other hand, holds emotions close their heart & often turn into a sad ball of eternal love. Though both value emotions & love, the absence of fun & the sheer presence of darkness drive them in opposite directions. Leo prefers a happy & joyous atmosphere, whereas Pisces is filled with sadness. Thus, love compatibility is low despite of love in abundance.

Trust Compatibility: 5/10

Leo thrives to be the center of attraction. While Cancer also wants their partner’s undivided attention, Leo’s thirst for attention is out of their habit to show off. This can often put off Pisces as well as the trust they put in their partner. If the two can mutually discuss their needs with their partners, this issue can be resolved. However, both are way too proud to except that.

Communication Compatibility: 1/10

Cancer and Leo are like subconscious & the conscious mind – two forces acting in different time zones. As such a meaningful communication is always absent in this love match. While Leo seeks an enthusiastic conversation, Pisces would bring it down to his sober & gentle nature. Conflicts rise & eventually, they prefer not to talk at all, instead of trying to sort things out.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 3/10

An interesting sexual relationship turns into a crazy confusing affair. Pisces, ruled by emotions, seeks an emotional connect in intimacy. But for Leo, this is the prime stage to show off their personal skills. Lack of feelings cloud this private moment for the two, & eventually, no one is satisfied in this confusing game of take-take & no giving.

Mental compatibility: 0.5/10

They simply don’t value the same things. While Cancer holds familial Love of greatest importance, pride & honor mean everything for Leo. The two-act like opposite worlds who fail & refuse to understand each other. Their own values are far more important that trying to convince their partner, or to adjust as per their needs. Eventual compatibility remains grounded.

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