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Gemini and Pisces compatibility

Gemini and Pisces compatibility: ‘Swim Away, Fly Away’
Gemini and Pisces are sign with very less in common. While both drift away in their superficial worlds eventually, they do somehow hold potential of being together if only they are willing to struggle a bit. This love match can lead to a very creative relationship if the two partners can remain patient & survive through a given period in their relation. However, in most cases the two are way too unpredictable & sooner or later, Pisces will swim the other way, & Gemini will fly away searching for freedom.

GEMINI & PISCES Love Compatibility: 0.5/10

Gemini is one of the most practical signs while Pisces is a hopeless romantic. Where a Pisces Man always wants his partner’s attention, a Pisces woman loves to be heard thoroughly. A Gemini Woman would hardly be around to give much attention, while a Gemini Man would listen to his partner but could not make any sense of the emotional gibberish. As such, an emotional connect is never established & love compatibility remains very low.

Trust Compatibility: 0.5/10

Trust is a weak spot for both Gemini & Pisces. Gemini cannot even trust themselves due to their ever-changing nature, & Pisces does not know how to work on a truthful relation. Though both possess similar traits of unpredictability, they can easily sense when their partner lies. Mostly, they would not care for the reason behind the lies but expect that they are not lied to. This creates a messy situation where trust compatibility in the relation always remains at bare minimum & neither can truly be trusted by the other.

Communication Compatibility: 2/10

Gemini & Pisces look up to each other during the initial stages of the relationship. This may be due to their individual charming & spontaneous personalities. For a brief moment, the two may instantly connect over small talk, but the deeper the conversation gets, the farther they begin to get from each other. Their intellectual capabilities & understanding stand on different foundations, which make it almost impossible for either sign to relate to or decode what their partner is trying to say & communicate efficiently with each other.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 1.5/10

A sexual relationship holds different importance for both these signs. While Gemini considers sex an act of passion, devoid of any emotions, for Pisces, a sexual relationship can only be established on a deep emotional basis. Their conflicting philosophies usually make them sexually unattractive for each other. Even if a Pisces happens to fall in love with a Gemini, the experience may only be spiced up by Gemini’s creativity. The intimacy will lack any feelings & Pisces will soon begin to move out of it.

Mental compatibility: 7/10

Both Gemini & Pisces value freedom. They both knit a world of fantasies for themselves, which only they can understand. Though the compatibility on most levels remains low, this area makes them look like twins. They read each other perfectly. Nonetheless, they don’t seem to like what they see. Their emotional & physical needs vary largely, & similarities on a mental level do not help much to build a stable relationship for this love match.

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