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Gemini Leo Compatibility

Gemini and Leo Compatibility: ‘A well-matched couple’
Leo ruled by planet Sun, is a fixed sign, while Gemini is a mutable sign. Gemini will always examine and analyze the pros and cons of matters carefully before taking a decision, while Leo rushes and jumps into the decision without even thinking. Gemini is always comfortable and content with their emotions while Leo sometimes tries to impose their choices on certain matters on others. Yet the overall compatibility & understanding in this love match is usually good.

GEMINI & LEO Love Compatibility: 8.5/10

The warmth of Leo goes perfectly compatible with Gemini’s charm. Gemini are slow and shy to express their feelings to their lover but if Leo puts some patience in the relation, they will surely get enough love, care, respect and romance from Gemini partner. If they both recognize the beauty of their bond, this match will definitely be the most beautiful and compatible match over all the signs in the list.

Trust Compatibility: 4.5/10

Both Gemini and Leo are bad listeners, especially in case of other’s need. One focuses on their own needs and the other is distracted all the time. Due to this, their relationship might lack trust and they will notice it much later. This is because they do not question each other much. Involved only in their life, there will come a point where they start hiding facts from each other. However, in order to build trust in the relations, they need to share and more importantly, listen to each other from the very beginning.

Communication Compatibility: 9.5/10

Leo is ruled by planet Sun denoting self while Gemini symbolizing communication, is ruled by planet Mercury. These both signs usually share their emotions and thoughts easily and openly with each other. There is no space for misunderstanding amid the two as they speak up their minds without hesitation. But since Leo is a sign of Sun, they sometimes feel dominant and try to enforce their opinions on their partner which could make Gemini irritated and this leads to heated arguments.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9/10

Gemini being experimental and Leo with lots of energy, usually have fulfilling sex life. Gemini Man brings in ideas and Leo Woman mixes her creativity and love with it. Both of them rely on their mind and conscious, which helps them in stimulating their sexual relations by intellect and communication. Leo Man brings instability and a possibility in the relation to last together for a long time. Leo natives are the perfect teachers to the childish Gemini Woman who mostly connect deep emotions with sex. Together they seek a real intimate connection with experiments, as they prefer.

Mental compatibility: 7/10

Leos are rigid and resists change while Gemini are always moving to new things and getting bored of the usual scenario. They love to work backstage and out of the picture, while on the other hand Leos feel happy and satisfied by becoming center of attraction and attaining recognition. Gemini’s energy complements Leo’s creative and innovative mind. This duo collectively can create a magical love match.

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