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Leo Aquarius Compatibility

LEO & Aquarius compatibility: The Ultimate Match!

Leo & Aquarius can become the epitome of love matches with the level of creativity & the will to act accordingly. They are bound for glory & can reach a sparkling success in their relationship. However, both the signs need to let go of the superiority complex they possess. They need to understand that there exists a world outside of their minds, which includes other meaningful things & not just themselves. Overall compatibility is usually very good for this love match.

LEO & AQUARIUS Love Compatibility: 9.5/10

Leo is a warm sign that allows for showering of love on their partner. Aquarius on the contrary, is sceptic of their own emotions & needs a catalyst to help them find their feelings. Together, they complete each other’s needs perfectly & the relationship becomes a flood of emotions, in a positive way. While Leo provides care & love on exponential levels, Aquarius shows emotions in a more controlled fashion, & the two balance each other.

Trust Compatibility: 7.5/10

Both Leo & Aquarius value their freedom too much, & likewise, allow their partner to fell free as well. This allows for a good trust compatibility. While Leo would flaunt their skills within their social circle, Aquarius would roam the world experimenting with their own truth. The two value each other’s opinions & would allow the other to do what they like, without much interference. Yet, both have their limits, which should not be pushed. If Leo tries to cross their limits, Aquarius can suddenly turn off their emotions, & likewise, if Aquarius goes beyond bounds, Leo would lose their patience.

Communication Compatibility: 9/10

Leo & Aquarius consider themselves the most heroic figures in time. While Leo strongly stands for courage, Aquarius seeks to find truth & become the savior of the society. Their communication compatibility leads to some very interesting & often eye-opening conversations. Together, they might very casually create the biggest of plans & strategies that can turn the world into a better place overnight! A listener could only be astounded by their knowledge & mental strength as a love match.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility: 9.5/10

Sexually, this is one the most compatible love matches on the zodiac. The passionate & aggressive approach of Leo meets the crazy creativity of Aquarius. Leo man would bring in the fiery passion, while Aquarius woman would spice things with her creative ideas for new places or positions. A Leo Woman would act wildly, which would work in sync with Aquarius Man’s experimental values. Satisfaction levels remain very high for both partners.

LEO & AQUARIUS Mental compatibility: 8/10

Mentally, they may seem to value different virtues in life, but what they worship is a person’s individuality. A strong personality immediately turns on both Leo as well as Aquarius. While Leo looks up to a person who acts at will, Aquarius respects anyone who has the guts to follow their heart & move away from the crowd. This brings them together & binds them into a strong relationship.

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