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Leo Leo Compatibility

Leo & Leo compatibility: ‘The Glorious Show’

Leo natives seek pride & valor in life. Similarly, in a relationship, they look forward to achieving greatness. Their habit to exaggerate matters calls for a lot of drama, & the two partners working in sync, manage to create & suffice each other’s needs. But with egos as big as the mountains, the moment a battle of supremacy breaks out, this love match can see its empire fall. Thus, they need to mutually decide their territories & work on those areas, without interrupting their partner. Mostly, they possess good compatibility levels.

Love Compatibility  : 9/10

Leo is a fire sign. The Leo-Leo match is signified by this fire & there exists a warmth & strength between the two partners. Being a fixed sign, expressing feelings in words through that king-size ego is not easy for Leo. The relation sees acts of care & signs of love. Yet the sweet words of composure can be missing. This in no way means a lack of love, but is definitely less romantic. Love compatibility still runs at high levels.

Trust Compatibility  : 7/10

Leo duo has to constantly fight the battle of dominance. The partners refuse to be taken for granted or of a lesser value. As such, tales of fiction are free-flowing without boundaries between them. Though both equally understand the reason behind these works of fiction, the trouble begins when it reaches the point where one needs conviction. If the situation demands proof for the verification of the story, it can get really ugly between them, & all hell breaks loose. Trust compatibility takes a dip at times, but generally stays good.

Communication Compatibility  : 6.5/10

Communication abilities in a Leo native are strong, & in a love match, the partners work hard to address each other’s issues regularly. Since this relation works on actions, they equally put efforts to make their partner feel comfortable. They have no shame in putting across their concerns & similarly working to eliminate or reduce those concerns as soon as possible. But of course, they should be careful not to step on their partner’s tale i.e. to challenge their ego, as the outcomes would be loud & aggressive.

Intimacy & Sexual Compatibility  : 5/10

Leo is a sign of passion. Yet in bed, this love match can turn into a circus! Leo loves to flaunt & what better place than in bed to show off the ultimate moves! Sometimes, the flaunting can become extreme, bringing out the limitations or even the lack of respect that Leo natives hold in their heart for all the other meager creatures (pun intended)! Thus, the two partners turn intimacy into an exhibition of skills that lacks feelings & physical satisfaction. Sexual compatibility thus, remains average.

Mental compatibility with LEO & LEO : 9.5/10

Mentally, only a Leo can match up to the expectations of a Leo in terms of evaluation. They seek glory & heavily emphasize a courageous lifestyle. Usually, they consider themselves as the perfect creatures & look to others with kindness, in order to help them in time of need. The warmth in their heart makes them compassionate, & highly compatible with each other on a mental level.

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