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General information about Leo

Happy-go-lucky and cheerful Leos are happiest when they are the center of attention. For those with a Leo horoscope, it is natural to seek spotlight. They are the lion, the king of the jungle, who wants to rule and make heads turn when he walks with exuberance. Leo tend to be a little dramatic and theatrical, want to be the showstoppers even when they go to the market. Shopping for them is not just a way to fulfill their need, but to steal the show. Take them to a hip and chic place where there’s plenty of eye-pleasing royal stuff, and you are guaranteed to have fun for Leo are cheerful, entertaining and generous all the time.

But beware, if you are planning to take them along for something tedious like wedding shopping or to a shabby place or street market where you need to dig in deep to find something to cherish, be prepared for some tantrums. Leo have an extraordinary capability to get on others’ nerves when irritated. They can be jumpy, restless, bossy, intolerant, and self-obsessed all at the same time.Get your cameras ready paparazzi for Leo is here! While Scorpio tend to act like private investigators hidden from the public eye when shopping, Leo does the opposite. Their entry is nothing less than of a superstar’s; they love to take the center stage. You will most probably spot them posing in front of a mirror in à la mode fashion store. Their friends and shopping companions often take the back stage and act as entourage.

You will find them looking for a dazzling piece to stand out. You may spot them asking the salesperson to show something that can help them make a statement, something a bit majestic and different. Leo tend to be frequent shoppers for they love recognition and appreciation within their social circle. Whether it is a new fashion trend or a hottest gadget that has launched, Leo is on it already.

Leo are attracted towards sales and advertisements. Their rich and regal style statement makes others think that they are millionaires. However, Leo have the art of getting an expensive-looking item at a bargained price. Nevertheless, if they find something that is different and out of the ordinary, they have to get it no matter their pocket allows or not. Although narcissistic at times, the royal Leos are very generous, have a heart of gold. They have a tendency to cross their budgetary limits, especially when it comes to shopping for their loves ones. But Leo are good at managing money and cannot be fooled. They know how to balance between spending and saving.

If something is luxurious, out of the box, and exclusive, it ticks all the boxes to enter a Leo’s wardrobe. No other sign can carry the bold animal prints such as Leopard, Zebra and Snake as a Leo. It is natural for them to carry such bold designs effortlessly. Their style sense reflects their confidence, one of a kind personality and generosity. Things that make a bold statement are always there on their shopping agenda, be it unusual jewelry and chains, sequins, gold colored full-length dresses, fur, animal prints or lush fabrics such as silk and velvet. Hats, scarves, ties, designer brands, expensive wine, champagne bottles, music CDs are a few items that get them thrilled. If you are planning to buy a gift for a Leo, a Karaoke machine, selfie stick or a palmistry book can be some good options, for all these help Leo grab the spotlight.

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