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Aries Astrological Zodiac Sign

Aries (Zodiac Symbol “Ram”) is the first sign of Astrological zodiac sign list. It spans the first 30 degrees of Zodiac. This Aries sign Sun transits mostly between (Date Duration March 21 – April 20) every year. Aries is the Cardinal sign of (Zodiac element) Fire and Aries (Ruler sign) is Mars which represent a leader, bravery and infrequently showing an aggression or negligent approach to issues. Aries are most compatible with Cancer and Sagittarius, Aries Fire partner signs are Leo and Sagittarius.

  • Aries Symbol:         Ram
  • Duration:                  March 21 – April 20
  • Zodiac element:     Fire
  • Zodiac quality:       Cardinal
  • Sign ruler:                Mars
  • Detriment:                Venus
  • Exaltation:               Sun
  • Fall:                           Saturn
  • Birthstone:              Red coral
  • Lucky Day:              Tuesday
  • Lucky Numbers:   1, 2, 9
  • Lucky color:           Red

Aries, you have an innate power to sense injustice and inequality. So choosing a complementing field of education will help you reach great heights and become a leader. Being a justice lover, you become great lawyers, politicians, and government professionals. If you initially choose political sciences, pursuing law, judgment and criminal investigation for higher studies will turn to your advantage in the long run. You love to lead, stand for truth, with an inclination to show the right path, thus, do very well in areas such as philosophy, psychology, teaching, preaching, healthcare, and media.

Aries are innovators, love to create and experiment. When you see a potential opportunity, you jump into it with passion and focus, get it going and make rags to riches. Innovation, focus, and dedication are your biggest assets. As a result, you could do wonders in the fields of business and growth strategy, science and research, consultation and advisory services, finance related subjects, and even

Except impatience and lack of control, nothing deters you from the path of success. Lack of forethought and over confidence can become the reason of your downfall. Thus, keeping these aspects of your temperament in check will help you realize your goals easily. Also, there are certain planetary positions and combinations, i.e. Yogas that govern a person’s intellect and education, which may differ case to case. For a more personalized analysis of your areas of interest, suitable fields of education and career, it would be a wise decision to get your horoscope read by a learned astrologer. Career Analysis Report could come handy in understanding the career areas for maximum growth and the future in a field.

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