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General information about Sagittarius

A freedom-loving soul with an optimistic view of life, Sagittarian is the most happy-go-lucky of all zodiac signs. You take everything seriously, except life. Anyone who confines your sense of freedom would make a perfect stranger to you.

You prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery. Sagittarian tend to be honest souls, speak their mind, a lot louder than required though. They have the natural ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Stripped-down truth and a harshly honest viewpoint are your best ‘assets’ to infuriate someone to the point of disgust. Nevertheless, with your cheerful persona and witty humor, you somehow get away with such situations quite clean.

Known as the Vagabonds of the zodiac, Sagittarius tend to spend most of their life travelling. Energetic and adventurous, Sagittarius cannot stand routine and monotony in life. One would most probably find a Sagittarius doing something different in their life, except that 9 to 5 job. It does not matter how wasteful the effort is, they still make it for it is uniquely ‘theirs’. Your spontaneity and impulse can sometimes cause havoc, thus pay attention to

Archers tend to be too blunt, although their intentions are not wrong. But that doesn’t take the hurt out of comments like ‘You look horrible in that cut-out dress’ or ‘Did you forget to use logic when writing this assignment?’. You really need some guidance on etiquettes and civility. Sagittarians are always travelling, either physically or in their mind. Inadequate sleep due to their travel frequencies affects their health at times. You are not prone to becoming a slave of habits. But once you get addicted, it is hard for you to exercise logic and get rid of it. You tend to overspend and make elaborate travel plans, often beyond what their pocket allows. Thanks to the stroke of luck due to Jupiter, you most often find the money to afford their expenses.

Strong and sturdy, Sagittarians remain healthy largely. But due to being a socialite and a connoisseur, they tend to over-indulge. You should avoid drinking or any bad habits. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping a certain gap in your travel plans will keep your life organized and health in good state. When it comes to fashion and beauty, Sagittarian are not fanatics like Gemini but their style statement is always different, casual and trendy. Your dressing style oozes a travel feel; you look good in T-shirts, leather jackets, boots, scarves and caps.

You entered the chic Mongolian restaurant with foreign waiters. You ordered food in the waiter’s language and asked a few witty questions too. The food was spicy and hot and you managed to eat it quicker than a wolf. You talked about philosophy, current global events and travelling. Ethnic and foreign cuisines appeal to your taste buds. Your dining style is casual and laid-back. You would rather prefer to have a backyard barbeque with friends to fine dining. You hunter!

Just like your travel bags, your home is a mess. There will be papers on desk, hair of your four-legged friend on table, and clothes scattered on the bed. Like always, you missed to do the dishes of last night’s dinner. Your wardrobe is a textile version of Tetris. You dread opening it in the morning, for one block out and the whole pyramid of dresses will fall. You don’t have much time for order and organization. The biggest fear of your life is well, doing laundry.

But here comes the great thing. No one in your social circle cares. They know that they can come in anytime, sink in the couch, eat pizza, and watch a movie with their feet placed on the table. Nevertheless, there are times when you have feelings to grab the mop and clean all the mess, but the feeling goes away quicker than it comes. At best, your home has an inviting feel, like a hostel room. There will be lots of travel memorabilia and photo frames with pictures of faraway places. Bright and positive colors find favor with Sagittarius. You like to stay in the countryside, but want all the modern facilities the city has to offer. A cozy fireplace, interior with intense colors like blue and purple, and exotic rugs and pieces find preference here.

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