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General information about Capricorn

Capricorn, represented by mountain goat, always strive to reach the top. They always look forward, and do not dwell in the past. Capricorn horoscope natives tend to be very responsible people, represent the professional side of life. Calm and composed, they are strategic, productive and persistent when it comes to achieving goals.

Their life revolves around the fulfillment of the end goal, the ultimate destination – the bigger picture. They are not born with a silver spoon; instead, they work hard to reach a level always up a notch from their counterparts. Because they earn the hard way, they tend to be very calculative and cautious with their money.

Their lifestyle is of a mature adult during childhood, one who is disciplined, studious and helps his mom do the household chores. As they grow old and have achieved a certain position, they tend to hark back to childhood again. One may find them to be cold, dull, lazy and boring, but that is because they are goal-oriented, workaholics, and compromising in nature. They are the most dependable of all signs. They may not return love for love, but will surely pass it up for life-long loyalty and responsibility. Capricorn daily Horoscope at vedshastra.com will surely help to learn more about their day-to-day preferences. Moreover, here is a generic detailed overview of their lifestyle tendencies.

Capricorn, you tend to be workaholics. This does not necessarily mean that you spend 18 hours at office but you tend to cut down vacations and non-materialistic blessings in order to work. This primarily takes away the fun out of your life and makes you appear emotionally unavailable. You should try to be more open with your innermost feelings towards others. Prioritizing professional life over domestic will only result in estrangements in relationships. The need is to strike a balance. This habit is due to the inherent fear of poverty and their intrinsic habit to take time to trust and form relationships. Sleeping for them is just like another daily routine. You need to learn to actually relax when you sleep rather than considering it as another chore to be completed.

Your friends took you to a brand new eatery in town – the thought dreaded you as well as the impending expenses. They didn’t have a business card and enough tables, so you got irritated. You found the price on the menu to be too much for a restaurant that has just opened. When you left, you tipped 10% for you were not that happy.  Next day, you went to the usual restaurant and the waiter asked if you want the same cappuccino with extra cocoa. You nodded. Everyone in the restaurant knew you and waved off with a ‘see you tomorrow’. Like every other day, the serving was acceptable so you tipped exactly 15%.

Be it business or health & beauty, you work towards a long-term ambition. Temporary solutions like shapewear and concealers are not meant for you. You work towards a future-proof outcome than a provisional resolution.  You look for trusted brands when it comes to dressing, but not at the cost of burning a hole in your wallet. You are serious about work, and that reflects in the practical and professional way you dress. Tailored and classic is your style sense. You don’t have enough time to pay attention to your beauty routine. For you, beauty lies in quick thought process and high IQ level. And people do find you cool and irresistible for this reason. But this does not mean that you will not pay attention to the peeling nails. A healthy fitness and diet routine is the secret of your waistline and healthy skin.

You need solitude, thus a place away from the buzzing horns and city lights could be the perfect home. Wherever you can work peacefully and contemplate is your ideal nest. Your home often emanates a sense of professionalism. Black leather couches, quality antiques and black & white or brown & white color scheme often make it look more like a workspace than a home. You like to invest in things that stand the test of time because quality matters to you. Rather than ornate objects like bone china and silk cushions, you will want something subtle and sturdy for the interior décor, such as things relating to wood, stone and brass sculptures. Practical and utility items are given preference. You home has to be located close to your workplace and there should plenty of storage options and file racks to keep things organized.

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