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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign

monthly horoscope aquarius
Aquarius November Horoscope- Aquarius will have an average month. There would be improvements and gains from various quarters. Creative work and new avenues would open up for you. However the feeling of fear and an unknown negative event could be there in your mind throughout. The stress and issues in your mind could remain till the 9th November 2019 and thereafter there could be improvements.

Financial gains and inflows will make life easier this month compared to the last month. Travel overseas and connection with foreign sources will bring you success during this month. Support of people in power and Government sources after the 16th November 2019 will also help you during the month of November 2019.

careerCareer:  Career will be under stress during this month. Partnerships might get strained. The faith and bonding of partners might get tested at times. You have to control your anger and temperament to ensure your existing relationships keep on going ahead without too much of hassles. Work environment would be very stressed and jumbled up this month. There could be major changes and worry in the work environment. Some improvements and clarity will emerge after the 9th November 2019. You should avoid making major changes till the end of the month.

Team and colleagues will be supportive but there could be resentment and some opposition also. Avoid depending too much on team and members working with you. You have to be careful, compassionate and remain positive for best results from your team.

Love and Marriage:
 Love life will be exceptionally positive. Sex appeal would be high and you will find success in romance throughout this month. There would be chances of a serious relationship towards the end of the month. Existing relationships would undergo stress but there would be positivity and a certain amount of peace which will help you cross this month positively.

Marriage matters will not be easy. You and spouse could be frequently fighting and there could be an ego and blame game between you and spouse. Avoid getting too controversial and cross this month without too much of damage.

moneyMoney and Finances: Money matters would be better this month. There would be better inflows compared to the past. Life will become easier after the 9th November 2019 as liquidity and financial crunch will ease out a little bit. Income will be positive and there would be gains due to your own creative work and efforts. There would be a rise overall. Investments will cause worry and new investments should be avoided. Old investments could be encashed after the 9th November 2019 for best results.

studentStudents and Children: Students will have a positive time. Your grasping and creative powers could be at a peak and new ideas would come in after the 6th November 2019 that will bring you very good returns. Exams taken right now will bring you very good results. Relations with children will be positive but there would be some misunderstandings and issues which might come up till the 9th November 2019. Avoid verbal conflict with children at all times. Better period as you cross this month.

healthHealth and Family: 
Health will be mostly positive this month. While anger and worry had taken its stole last month there would be improvements now. Health will be steady and you will be feeling much better after the 16th November 2019. There would be an overall control in what you do. Family life will be good too. Children will be supportive and there would be a positivity that will help you ease out your family life.

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