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Leo Monthly Horoscope

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In the midst of a confused state of mind and frequent dislocations, your children, spouse, and relatives will be safe, and divine protection will keep you safe from all negative effects. The mind will continue to oscillate, rendering you unable to make any personal or official decisions. Contacts with a spouse, friends, and relatives, while not intimate, will continue without incident. Despite minor physical setbacks caused by seasonal factors, the children will continue with their studies. Career activities will continue with little change. The mental state, on the other hand, will remain stressful and tense. The dates of January 14–17, 2023, are not suitable for making major decisions or traveling.

Career: The work front, which has been stagnant for the past year, remains stagnant during this period as well. The management is making no efforts to increase production. The personnel are paid on time, but a pay raise may not be possible. This month may bring some exciting news to the workforce. As a long-overdue payment due to the company is likely to be received, management may decide to provide incentives to employees. Any transition to a new job may not happen right away, and you may have to wait until the middle of the year.

Marriage and love: This month will have no place for romantic interests or spending time with loved ones. The movement of Ketu to the seventh house of relationships will transform the mind into that of a puritan or a saint. However, Jupiter will soften this nature by assisting in moving honourably with the admired ones while leaving no room for sensual interests. Due to Ketu’s presence in the marital house, the formation of an alliance may be delayed.

Money and Finance: There will be no significant change in the amount of money received. The usual salary would be paid. The second half of this month could see a significant inflow of monetary gains from unexpected sources. In the latter half of this period, a share of the family property is possible. Medication costs for oneself, one’s spouse, and one’s children will have a significant impact on savings and finances. The second fortnight’s planetary position favours good financial gains.

Students and children: Students and children may lack the motivation and enthusiasm to focus on their studies. Other reasons for their inability to focus on academic interests include health issues. After January 15th, 2023, their participation in studies is expected to increase. Jupiter in the fifth house of children and education will aid in obtaining the Guru’s (teacher’s) blessings and mitigating all obstacles that impede their application of mind to studies.

Family and Health: The constant switching of residence and office will exhaust you. Knee joint weakness, sprains in the loins, laps, and feet are all predicted. This may interfere with your work schedule. The physical well-being of the parents and children necessitates medical attention and medication. On the family front, the spouse’s temperament and mood will be morose and sore. Jupiter, which rules the seventh house of relationships, friends, and spouses, will assist in resolving problems honourably and without jeopardising anyone’s self-esteem. Jupiter will ensure domestic harmony and peace. At home, the second half of this month will bring more peace and happiness.

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