Leo Monthly Horoscope

monthly horoscope leo
Leo December 2021 Horoscope: Leo you would find that overall support and situations in life are still positive and your position is still maintained. In the short term the support and success level might be slower than usual. You might find resistance in most of the things you do and hurdles might seem to increase during this month. Sub conscious is very active, aggressive and there could be reasons for losing your cool during this time. Speech could be very aggressive and possibilities of getting into a verbal conflict also exists during this month. Avoid controversy at all times.

Expenses would rise, losses could come in also. Growth would remain in a good mood and gains would be substantial due to your hard work and efforts of the past. Energy and stamina could be low till the 13th December 2021. Avoid excessive commitments since you might be tired and sleepy at times.

Career: Career would see certain blocks and oppositions due to controversies and ego hassles. There might be reasons for confusions and disputes with partners and joint areas of work. All these might put career progress on a slow track during this month. Work environment would be positive. There would be high energy, growth, expansion in most of the things you do but nothing would come in without pressures and hurdles.

Team and colleagues will be positive and responsive. But your own doubts and controversies could spoil matters to some extent. You might perceive certain colleagues and members and competition. Therefore it would be useful to reduce delegation of work and carry out as much as the tasks yourself as possible.

Love and Marriage: Love life could be challenging. There could be controversies and stress at work which could spoil opportunities for relationships. Improvements will come in after the 28th December 2021 but overall this month might not be very proactive for love matters. Existing relationships will be very happy. You might move towards some form of commitment. Overall a positive phase for steady relationships.

Marriage matters would be positive but there would be verbal conflict and chances of fights with spouse if you are not careful. Temperament of spouse could be very volatile and unsteady creating high amount of frustration and anger within you. As long as you can control yourself, other aspects will be positive throughout the month.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be average this month. While there would be good amount of gains still however you will find some amount of resistance in finances now. Gains could come in from unexpected and unknown sources after the 4th December 2021. You might discover or receive some long forgotten money also during this time. Income will be good throughout. There would be substantial inflows.

Investments will also be very good. Old investments will give you gains while new investments will also turn out to be positive for you.

Students and Children: Students will have very positive month. There would be support, recognition and good amount of progress. Exams might not be very easy and there could be hurdles and issues. Improvements and better opportunities in exam results possible after the 14th December 2021. Children related matters would be very positive. You will have happy occasions for celebration with children. A celebration in the family is also possible during this time.

Your health would be below average, stamina could be low. Improvements would come in after the 14th December 2021. Your family would be better than before. Improvements for family matters will come in after the 4th December 2021. Avoid any form of controversy and do not get into any fight with family members during this month.

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