Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leo Monthly

This month, your hard work towards acquiring paternal properties will pay off, especially as Sun transits the 4th house alongside combust Mars. However, expect some stress and fear from the 10th to the 13th of December, which could affect your confidence. Try to manage this stress effectively. You’ll embark on work-related foreign travel and spend more on travel, home decoration, renovation, clothes, and jewelry. A female friend will be particularly supportive. Your involvement in research-related areas will deepen, leading to notable success.

Career and Finance

For those in marketing, designing, art, or cosmetics, this period looks promising. New business deals will boost your enterprise, and your dedication will yield success and a healthy income, opening doors for investment. A long-awaited offer from overseas could finally materialize. Job seekers might face confusion and challenges at the start of the month.

Workplace stress may be high, but consider holding off on job changes until mid-month. Promotions seem unlikely during this period. Financially, expect high expenditures influenced by Ketu, including costs related to legal matters or health. The stock market doesn’t favor investments now. Be cautious with spending and financial transactions. However, past investments could bring profitable returns.

Love & Marriage

Manage your expectations in relationships, as your partner may not be able to devote as much time or effort due to Retrograde Jupiter. This could lead to disappointment and a feeling of distance. In marital life, expect some frustration. Keeping a healthy distance from your spouse may help avoid arguments. In case of conflicts, aim for open and constructive communication.

Family & Health

Your family will back your decisions and provide financial support. However, expect some disagreements with your father, potentially disrupting home peace, and arguments with your mother. A home party might be on the horizon. Health-wise, be vigilant about throat infections and headaches. Heart-related concerns may arise, so it’s best to avoid oily and spicy foods.

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