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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

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Taurus December 2021 Horoscope:
Taurus could see this month to be challenging. The latent anger of the past month could give way to an open anger and aggression in you. Health could also become a concern as you could be very aggressive, over excited at times. Chances of hypertension, facial rashes or some injury on your body is present. You need to be careful in these areas. Aggression as mentioned before should be avoided as much as possible. There are possibilities of loss in real estate or matters relating to your car or conveyance. You will find yourself in a deep thinking mode during this month.

Public position could be lower than your satisfaction level during this time. It is a period when you will find a churning in your relationships and marriage matters. These areas would become a bit of a challenge for you now. There are possibilities that you might find a new enterprise during this time but new areas might not be a very smart thing till at least August 2021 so you should plan better and implement at the right stage. Thinking could be negative, there could be pessimism unnecessarily and the thoughts about future could not be very good.

It is also a time when friends could also let you down and you might feel dissatisfied towards friends and people close to you. Thinking could turn receptive and you could find yourself in two minds during many periods. You could see that you might be pursuing two alternate avenues parallel without the opportunity of finding a clear reconciliation. It would be good to avoid multiple tasks and focus on things that you are best at.

Career: Career would do well as long as you forge new partnerships and open up new joint areas of work. There would be many times when you will be tempted to jump into new areas without giving due regard to the old ones. This trade should be totally guarded against. Work environment would be positive and there would be interesting developments and possibility of a romance in the work environment is also possible.

Team and colleagues might give you some reason to think and worry after the 19th December 2021. Avoid controversy with your team members and any sort of misunderstandings. The Volcano combination of Sun and Mars takes place on your own house that is the 1st house and that could affect health and reputation so you need to be extra careful.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be positive. There would be stable and interesting trends for you. Existing relationships would become smooth but you will start thinking a lot on how to move ahead on such relationships. Marriage matters will see a lot of change. There will be high aggression. Spouse might want to control you and temperament of spouse could be very aggressive. Avoid getting into fights but remain firm and judicial in your thinking.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be positive. There would be gains after the 7th December 2021. Before that expenses could be high and you could be worries to some extent. Own efforts and hard work will give you the maximum amount of gain in money matters. Income would be good although three could be spikes and fluctuations. Investments would be average. Avoid making hasty or sudden desperate investments. Be very careful and think about long term when investing.

Students and Children: Students would have a very active month but there could be disturbing and confusing trends, specially after the 19th December 2021. Avoid new study areas after the 19th December 2021 as that could give confusions and problems. Exam results would however be better than your expectations. Children related matters would be positive. There would be definitely better trends than the past. However confusing trends will also prevail in children related matters after the 19th December 2021.

Health and Family: Your health could be a cause of concern as mentioned above and you need extra caution. Family life would improve to some extent now. There would be steady and slow improvements this month and the next month.

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