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Libra Monthly Horoscope

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Libra December 2021 Horoscope: December 2021 is going to be a challenging month again. You might find some amount of rise in opposition and at the same time you might find yourself feeling that you are surrounded by problems and people who December be are not very positive or beneficial to you. The presence of the Volcano combination of Mars and Sun also occurs in your 7th house which creates oppositions and difficulties for you. These issues could be more on the line of relations with spouse, partners. High aggression from people oppose to you and further during this month this combination will move to the house of hurdles and issues for you.

All these factors could create financial pressures, health issues and definitely high level of stress. Sub-conscious could be disturbed while expenses and financial position could be adverse.

Further, this month will see good amount of success due to overseas sources. Your confidence will be high and you will feel lucky despite all the issues and controversies. Work will start off once again after the recent pressures and issues. Some amount of worry relating to your health could be present at sometimes. Creativity will be high and you will do well when working individually as an advisor or a consultant.

Career: Career for you will see an expansion and rise in activity. The disturbing trends of the past are over and there should be good amount of progress. Work environment is going to be positive also now as you go forward but there would be some trouble makers and controversies which will create some amount of dissatisfaction. Team and colleagues will do well but you will find that team might try to dominate you or try to put their decisions on you. It is a good time to assert yourself once again now.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be positive. There will be happiness and luck in love related matters. Existing relationships will not be easy. There could be pressures and financial family issues at the same time. Marriage matters would be quite tough this month. There would be very frequent controversies and issues with spouse. Differences of opinion could come along very often. Try to avoid controversy and anger at all times. Health of spouse could slide down also during this month.

Money and Finances: Money matters would remain challenging. There would be good amount of outflows and reduction in income where overall the issues will create double pressures for you. Income will be good however. There would be positive trends but again second half of the month will see a dip comparatively. Investments should be avoided. Speculation should be totally avoided.

Students and Children: Students would have a challenging month. There could be difficulty in concentrating and learning in new areas. Exam results could be difficult and poor also. It is a time that you need to focus and work hard. Children related matters would be difficult still there would be worry and problems. While there will be minor improvements still pressures would be high.

Health and Family: Family life is going to be difficult. There would be distances, pressures, anger at times. Avoid controversy and avoid testing family members at this stage. Health could be poor due to high stress, wrong diet and some amount of issues due to anger. Your immune system will be slightly poor also in the second half but overall you will be nice and positive helping you overcome all these negative issues.

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