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Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra, lady luck seems to be on your side in November. You are likely to see a lot of positive developments in all spheres of life. The wheel of fortune may turn in your favor, but remember it takes a spin to win so you have to make an effort before expecting the rewards. While the month may begin on a positive note, you may encounter some obstacles in life eventually. There is a good chance that you may make your dream of buying a house or car come true. Few challenges in the process are also likely but your family would be there to back you all the time.

Throughout the month, communication could be a problem. You need to watch your language as using harsh words could spoil your relationships. Be highly careful with your spouse during the last few days of November and avoid any unnecessary disputes. Your inclination towards virtuous activities and pursuits might increase too in November. This seems to be a busy and active period overall. Keep reading for a more detailed analysis of November horoscope for Libra.

Career: Libra, planets command you to work hard if you want to reap the rewards seriously. Even if your efforts are not recognized this month, you need not get discouraged. Sooner or later, your hard work would pay off well. Seniors might be secretively keeping an eye on your performance so be very careful. You need to be focused and determined and rely on own efforts to fetch good results. Coworkers wouldn’t render much support either. Self-reliance and attentiveness is the key to a smooth career ride this month.

Love and Marriage: You may observe a turbulent period in your love life in November 2021. There could be some misunderstanding with partner. You would be in a relationship and it would be smooth for the most part, but there might be a sense of detachment from your end. You partner may also sense this psychological gap between you two. This is where you need to keep things transparent. Tell them what concerns have been bothering you, if any. Married life would be average. Some issues may persist but overall, it would be a smooth sail.

Money and Finance: Libra, you would get ample opportunities to boost your income in November. You should be alert to grab and capitalize on them. While inflow of income would be substantial, some expenses over religious and virtuous deeds may increase your spending. In terms of investment matters, November does not seem to be a favorable period, so better be cautious.

Children and Students: Children may feel a little irritated in November 2021 and this could be on account of some health issues. They may become a bit introvert and may struggle to share their feelings with you and others. This could create some mental distress to them due to pent-up emotions inside. Students would perform as usual and get average results.

Health and Family: Personal health would be just fine in November. This is the month to pay attention to your exercise routine. To keep fit and in good health, it would be best to follow a workout regime. Domestic life would be average with occasional disputes. You may however purchase a new house or landed property this month, which is likely to turn out favorable.


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