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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

This month, moving with the spouse and relatives would bring a lot of relief and joy. The fear complex and shaken confidence level that have plagued you for the past year or so will fade away. The expenses will mount if not for these good causes. Politicians working against your interests in office would be under control by the second half of this month. However, the career remains tense. The financial situation, which is currently in deficit, may improve in the future. The children require both medical and personal care. The anger and general mood would be aggressive and would require control. In this period, the positives outnumber the negatives. Avoid making major decisions or travelling between January 17 and January 19, 2023.

vocation: “The situation at the office remains perplexing.” The air is polluted and unfit for work. The attitude of colleagues and management remains negative. The subordinates’ work is subpar, and they are offended when they are corrected. In the second fortnight, the position may soften.

Love and marriage: You will be with people who are concerned about your well-being. This may help you calm down and feel refreshed. Being in their company will cost more money, but you will not mind! The relationship would be decent and straightforward, with no sensual interests. Any efforts made now to repair the alliance will bear fruit in the middle of 2023.

Money and Finance: This front remains deficient. Other than the usual source of income, receipts from other areas are not welcome. The family gathering, as well as medical and other emergency expenses, may put you in a bind. Borrowing from outside sources to meet contingencies is planned. However, the period following the 15th of January 2023 may provide some relief, as cash flow from family quarters and friends will be possible. This would be useful for covering expenses.

Students and children: The student’s focus on learning may not be encouraging. Their sluggish minds and attitudes keep them from studying. Their interest in certain unethical pursuits may cause concern and worry. Your advice goes unheeded. The planetary position indicates that this position will last until the middle of this year. In the second half, children’s health must be prioritised.

Health and Family: Virus infections and other seasonal ailments may affect the children. They require medical attention and close supervision. If you have skin or facial deficiencies, you should consult a specialist and take appropriate medication. The state of mind and the overall tense environment will leave you tired and worn out. You may choose to take a break from routine activities and work on your physical fitness. During this time, the spouse will be in good health. At home, the mood is bleak and depressing. None of the family members are in a good mood. Your attitude and outbursts will add to the already tense atmosphere. The children’s presence, state of health, and mental state will cause concern and worry for the entire family. The spouse, who had previously appeared depressed, will now be cheerful and refreshing. A family function planned for this month will provide the members with much-needed solace and make them happy and relaxed. Jupiter in your fourth, sixth, and eighth houses will settle things amicably.

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