Virgo Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign


Virgo Moon Sign August Horoscope

August 2021 would be a positive month for you. You will find steady progress and happiness as the month goes by. The month will start off on an average note and then improve as it progresses.

Virgo August Career Horoscope

Career would be average. There would be a dip between the 4th August 2021 and 23rd August 2021. The results and growth prospects would be below average. Work environment would be good and steady progress could be expected after the 22nd August 2021. The team and colleagues will do well. There would be a good amount of growth and gains due to the delegation of work.

Virgo August Love and Marriage Horoscope

Love life will be a bit directionless and not focused till the 13th August 2021 and thereafter you will be the center of attraction. Social life will be very good and your sex appeal will be high. Chances of a new relationship also possible towards the end of the month. Existing relationships will improve now, there will be a clear direction and steady improvements overall. Marriage matters would however be poor. You might find yourself drifting away from spouse in terms of physical as well as mental matters. Resentment of a deep routed kind could bother your marital matters throughout this month.

Virgo August Money and Finances Horoscope

Money matters would be erratic and not steady. Expenses would be high and self-indulgences would also be high till the 17th August 2021. Thereafter finances will improve and you will start making gains till the end of the month. Income will be good this month however it will remain very fluctuating and erratic throughout. Investments would do well and there would be positive returns. Speculation should be avoided.

Virgo August Students and Children Horoscope

Students have a positive month. There would be growth and good prospects all around. Sports and extracurricular activities will give you good progress in school matters also throughout this month. Exam results should be much better after the 13th August 2021. Children related matters will be positive. Relationship with children will improve also after the 2nd August 2021. Overall a very positive month.

Virgo August Health and the Family Horoscope

Family life will be unsteady and very erratic till the 13th August 2021. You might find yourself cut off and upset with people around you. Improvement will come in after the 13th August 2021 but you have to control your expectations and resentment towards family throughout this month. Your health would be average; there could be a dip after the 17th August 2021 due to the poor energy and stamina. Worry could spoil health further so you need to be careful throughout this month.