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Leo Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign

monthly horoscope leo
Leo November Horoscope- Leo would have a positive month. You would be aggressive, outgoing and in control of matters. There could be constant pressures from competition and some opposition to your ideas, but your own dynamism and hard work will help you cross these issues without much of an issue. Aggression would be higher than usual and could spoil your decision making to some extent.

Avoid taking any snap decisions or impulsive moves. Some rise in activities with friends and socializing will be felt this month. It could deviate you from your focus at work and other aspects of life. Be careful after 6th November 2019. This is a gainful month and your past efforts will also give you very good returns this month.

Speech and things that you write could backfire on you. You should avoid getting into controversies, speak carefully and should not write anything in a huff till the 9th November 2019. Overall you have to be careful throughout the month anyway.

careerCareer:  Career would be positive. You would be bursting with new ideas and energy. The ability to attract new clients and customers will be very high. Your natural charms will work and help you seal quite a few deals during this month. Lack of focus, excessive socializing and travel might take away a good business opportunity close to the end of the month.

Work environment would be positive, though you will have some issues and some sort of inner conflict till the 6th November 2019. Avoid controversy with people around you. Colleagues and team would be very supportive, new ideas and thoughts will be very beneficial for you at this time. You should delegate work as much as possible.

Love and Marriage:
 Love life will be excellent. You would be very high on sex appeal and there would be good amount of social skills now. Romance would be very fulfilling. Existing relationships will be very nice and positive. There would be fun & games and a happy social period. Partner might turn a bit temperamental and moody after 6th November 2019. Avoid controversy and saying things that you might regret later.

Marriage matters will be positive and spouse would do well although interest outside will exist. Be careful and ensure that you do not end up having verbal spats which could backfire on both of you.

moneyMoney and Finances: Money matters will cause some amount of concern. Your outflows might be irrational till the 9th November 2019. Liquidity too, could have some sort of a worrying factor for you. Avoid being impulsive in money matters. Income will be high, there could be a further rise after the 6th November 2019 but flows will turn erratic. Investments will give you very good returns. Older investments if cash now will also give you very good returns.

studentStudents and Children: Children will have a very nice month. You would be positive and there would be rise in the status of children. Your relationship with children will also be good. Students will have an excellent month too. There would be good gains and exams would go off very well as long as you have studied well. Speech or verbal examination could be a negative so you should avoid getting into verbal tests before the 9th November 2019.

healthHealth and Family: 
YFamily life will be difficult at times due to something wrong that has been said or written. Communications could get spoiled a bit this month. Avoid controversy with family members. Health will be positive although stress and worry could spoil matters till the 6th November 2019. If you suffer from Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, then this month is not easy for you. You need to be careful.

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