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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign

Sagittarius November Horoscope- Sagittarius has entered into a very positive period and this month is also exceptional for you. Amongst all signs, Sagittarius would fair the best. November 2019 will be the best month you will experience in the last months. You will be positive, confident and in control of things once again. Your luck would be high and there would be good amount of gains and support of people all around you. Creative work will give you good returns and social appreciation too.

Chances of marriage or a new relationship are possible. In case a new opportunity comes up, you should not give it up this month.

careerCareer:  Career would be very positive. You will find gains and progress due to your creative work. People in authority and position superior to you will support you during this time. After the 17th November 2019, your gains from work will rise substantially. Work environment would be average but there would be happiness, still you might feel detached with people around you.

Team would be very supportive and there would be gains due to work that colleagues will do for you. It would be a good idea to delegate as much work as possible.

Love and Marriage:
 Love matters will be positive but the level of opportunities might be lower than usual this month. You might feel very high on desire but success in love might not come easy for you. You should be cautious and wait for the next month for better results. The existing relationships will do well and there will be luck when dealing with your partner. Happiness would prevail all around. Chances of moving towards a long term commitment are high this month.

Marriage matters will be very positive. Spouse will be social and cooperative. Temperament of spouse would be turbulent and secretive around the 6th November 2019 and unsteady after the 22nd November 2019. Avoid conflict and controversy at all times.

moneyMoney and Finances: Money matters are positive. Your financial inflows and position will rise steadily. There would be gains due to creative work. It is a positive and exciting time in financial matters. Income will rise substantially, possibility of a new source of income or higher gains could come in during this month. Investments would be positive. Your luck will be high so growth in the value of investments will be high. If you wish to make new investments, then this month is positive for you.

studentStudents and Children: A very positive time for students this month. Luck would be high and you would do well in any matter related to studies and new areas of work. Exams will be very positive, you should do very well. Very good amount of gains and growth in study matters possible this month. Generally speaking children will do well, your relations with children will also be very positive. It is a very good month for any matter related to children.

healthHealth and Family: 
Family matters will also be very positive, there would be some sort of celebration in the family and opportunities to be together with other family members is high. Health would be positive. There would be a good all round growth and happiness for you. Not many issues except that you should keep a control over the stress that you go through.

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